Center Stage - 10/1/2018

Currently students in Grades 1-8 are learning about the Native American Culture in both Music and Drama classes. Through watching a PBS show called "Bare Feet with Mickela Mallozzi" we observed a Lumbee Indian Pow Wow celebration, identifying their values of community and the preservation of culture. 

In Music students are playing drums and creating drum sequences using tribal names as a beat pattern. We are also learning the basics of singing vowels and consonants as we prepare to present "America the Beautiful" and a Navaho Indian round, "Now I Walk in Beauty." 

In Drama students have chosen a Native American Tribe and Folktale to create a puppet script. We will work on Vocal Skills such as projection, articulation, inflection, and a good rate as we record our scripts. We will take this show on the road in October. Soon we will be making several puppets and set pieces. I have been pleasantly surprised to hear the enthusiasm of my students in creating scripts. They have brilliant ideas, clever vocabulary and add tons of humor! One of my students exclaimed, "Mrs. Pappas, I love your class because each year you teach new and interesting curriculum!"

If you would like to donate to our puppet project we could use the following items: knee high socks, ping pong balls, cardboard pieces, fur- various colors, felt- various colors, poster board- various colors