The right kind of tutoring

The Fortune Academy LEAP Program is open to the public. LEAP promotes forward growth in a student’s academic and real-world abilities. It is a combination of fun and therapeutic custom-designed sessions for each individual student. Rather than take a broad approach for all students, LEAP is both prescriptive and diagnostic which sets the stage for the right approach for your student. This is done through either one-on-one tutoring sessions or small group settings after school hours. We also have a program that runs during the summer months to keep learning happening all year long! 

LEAP is an extension of the overall mission of Fortune Academy by providing additional, intensive, and individualized interventions that help equip students with language learning differences to become competent and lifelong learners in reading, writing, math, study skills, and subject-based tutoring. By also providing OT, PT, and SLP services in a  nurturing environment, we help build individual strengths and remediate individual weaknesses.

Since students with LD are affected by varying degrees, some of our students may require additional, more intensive and individualized interventions.  The tutors and licensed therapists at Fortune Academy are highly trained and experienced professionals who cater to working with LD students.  All of our tutors have been trained and supervised by Janet George, a Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham of Practitioners and Educators.

Sessions are held on the Fortune Academy campus after school hours. The one-on-one sessions will take place in two 50-minute sessions per week. A tutor fitting the needs of the student will be assigned by the LEAP Program Tutor Coordinator. Depending upon the student’s needs, they may be assigned more than one tutor for different subject areas.  






or Tuesday/Thursdays 

4:00 – 4:50 PM

or 5:00 – 5:50 PM.

Free early childhood screening

Fortune Academy Leap Program provides free Early Childhood Reading Screenings for dyslexia and other language based learning differences. Using the Comprehensive Test Of Phonological Processing, the CTOPP provides a quick yet thorough look at phonemic awareness, phonemic processing,  phonological awareness, memory and rapid naming.

Such screenings are widely used and extremely accurate, with less than a 4 percent false positive/false negative reporting. If the screening test reveals strong indications for dyslexia, Fortune Academy provides a list of service providers for scheduling a diagnostic evaluation. 

Fortune Academy is the only resource in the Indianapolis area to offer these screenings, which provide parents and their children the early start needed to identify an appropriate course of action.


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