Our Community

We give students opportunities to shine! We are a school community who supports and encourages our students to expand their horizons, take risks and make lasting memories. At Fortune Academy, there are many opportunities for students to get involved in various teams, clubs, activities or become a part of our vibrant performing arts program.

Our staff work closely with our students to discover their interests and talents to create groups that bring students together. We foster an environment where students are able to develop their social skills and create meaningful relationships.

Our Student Council engages our school community as well as the local community of Lawrence. Students coordinate and carry out community service projects that bring positive change to their neighborhood. It offers students a chance to develop the many skills it takes to become successful leaders. Students are invited to participate and make a meaningful impact on their school community. 

Our performing arts have become a centerpiece of our community. Three times a year, families and friends are invited to join us for nights filled with excitement as students take the stage in unique, never-see-elsewhere performances. 

Looking to become a part of our amazing community? Explore the many opportunities that students have to get plugged in below.