Finding the right technology

There is no such thing as a one size fits all technology. There are many devices out there, each with their own distinct set of features and benefits. Some are better than others at assisting students with language based learning differences. We have worked hard to find the right technology for our students. We believe we have found great solutions to support our students in their learning.

Fortune Academy believes in equipping our students with an array of tools that aid them in their differences. Though technology is a critical tool for those with language learning differences, tech does not replace effective teaching, it enhances it. It has the ability to bring content to life in a way that is more engaging to the senses. It allows our students to get a different perspective. Assistive technology allows students to engage with their work in ways that simply aren't possible with ink and paper. It allows our students yet another outlet for expression.

We are proud to be completely 1-to1 with our devices, allowing every student equal opportunities to learn on their terms. 

Did you know? 

The technology we use at Fortune Academy was selected by testing against four key criteria: Ease of use, accessibility, security and reliability.


Every student between 1st and 8th grade is issued an Apple iPad at the beginning of each year. Every iPad has been configured with an assortment of apps that have been reviewed by the school and are tailored for each grade level. They are intended to support the curriculum through engaging multi-sensory media. Students are free to customize and personalize their iPad's settings that best support them. With iPad, our students can explore their world with just a few taps. We love it!



Every high school student is responsible for bringing their own school approved laptop each day. Laptops are configured by the school and have key software installed at the beginning of the year. We lean heavily on the features of G-Suite for Education, allowing students to complete and submit assignments online, check upcoming due dates and communicate with teachers and peers. We have found no better system for our high school students, and teachers love having their classrooms organized and accessible online.