Sneak Peak at the Week

We're looking forward to another great week. Here's a look at what is coming up in our high school classes this week. 



This week we are going to be continuing our discussion about body language and non-verbal communication. Discussing 'Power Posing' and maybe sharing some ideas on how to use this super power!

By the middle of the week I will have introduced the concept graph depicting communication as 2 WAY process. Together we will start to identify all the different kinds of barriers that can interrupt this process (i.e. noise, age and gender gaps, language and cultural differences).


English IV

Continue reading The Importance of Being Earnest and studying vocabulary from the play.

Digital Arts

Finish our October bulletin board on famous dyslexics who have shaped our futures.

Math Lab

We'll be learning more about fractions and their equivalent percents.


English I

We are learning about the different types of Symbolism and how it relates to The Old Man and the Sea. Writing:  What are Direct Objects within a sentence and how do we label/diagram them?

Language Arts Lab I and II

(9-25) test (L/A Lab I) on prefixes, roots, suffixes.  We will be adding the negative prefixes and learning the 2+1+1 spelling rule.  An introduction to the P.O.W.E.R. way of writing will be presented as well.  


Pre Calculus

We will be using the trig table to find lengths of sides or measure of angles

Algebra 2

We are learning how to combine numbers in scientific notation.

Algebra 1

We are working on solving one variable equations.


We are working on types of angles.


Biology/Anatomy and Physiology

Finishing their comparative Anatomy/Biology project that is due Wednesday. We should be starting dissecting a rat this week.


Learning about research and designing a psychology research project to be implemented in the next few weeks.



We will be working on the Canadian Provinces.  

Career/College Planning

We will be working on budgeting for an apartment after high school.


We will be working on the U.S. Constitution.



Chapter 4-Mental Disorders, Eating Disorders, Depression and Suicide; Quiz Friday the 29th.


English 1

Introduction to American Poetry, explore the different poetry types.

English 3

Read and listen to the audio version of "Cannibalism in the Cars" by Mark Twain- one of three short stories written by Mark Twain, chosen by the class, work on plot outline for story.

English 4

Read and listen to the audio version of "The Importance of Being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde, work on plot outline for story.


Review close-up versus extreme close-up photography, continue working on assigned Lifetouch pages for the yearbook, start working on yearbook design covers using the Pixelmator app.

Visual Arts

Start final drawings of chosen object for cubism painting, add geometric lines on top of foreground and background, decide which set of complementary colors to use.