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Track Practice @ Horizon
Thu Apr 24 @ 4:00PM - 05:30PM
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Fri Apr 25
Regular Day 1:15 Dismissal
Fri Apr 25
Optional Track Practice @ Horizon
Fri Apr 25 @ 4:00PM - 05:30PM
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  • "When learning happens, light suddenly floods a child's world."  Landon and his dad know this first hand.

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  • About Fortune Academy
  • Orton-Gillingham Approach

The mission of the Fortune Academy is to be a comprehensive day school dedicated to educating and equipping students with language learning differences to become competent and confident life long learners.  The school is designed to provide an environment that nurtures each child's development, builds upon his/her individual strengths, and offers remediation in areas of weakness.

Guiding Beliefs

- That students with language learning differences/dyslexia are capable of learning, making progress, and compensating.

- That their differences also give them strengths that need to be put to the service of society, family, and work.

- That our commitment to educating students with language learning differences makes success possible for these individuals

- That we must be role models for other teachers and schools.

- That we will be advocates for students with specific language learning differences/dyslexia.

Fortune Academy is 1 of only 11 schools in the United States to have its Orton-Gillingham instruction program accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

Orton-Gillingham is an instructional approach intended primarily for use with persons who have difficulty with reading, spelling, and writing of the sort associated with dyslexia. It is most properly understood and practiced as an approach, not a method, program, system or technique. In the hands of a well-trained and experienced instructor, it is a powerful tool of exceptional breadth, depth, and flexibility.

The essential curricular content and instructional practices that characterize the Orton-Gillingham Approach are derived from two sources: first from a body of time-tested knowledge and practice that has been validated over the past 70 years, and second from scientific evidence about how persons learn to read and write; why a significant number have difficulty in doing so; how having dyslexia makes achieving literacy skills more difficult; and which instructional practices are best suited for teaching such persons to read and write.

Learn more on the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators website.