Technology changes everything


Let's just get this out of the way first.

Technology cannot and does not replace great teaching. It is, however, very much a part of how we teach. For students with language based learning differences, a vast wealth of information is mostly inaccessible simply because it's presented as written text. The issue for these students isn't their capability to learn, rather, the challenge significantly lies in decoding written text. Studies show that most of these students have average to above average IQ. So if technology can present that same information but in a way that allows them to consume information more easily, then our task is to equip them with the knowledge of how to use technology as a tool in working around their differences. 

That's where we begin.


We all need reminders










A personal computer

At Fortune Academy, every student has their own personal device. Regardless of platform, the best technology is personal. Everything from the background image they choose to every detail in their settings, it is important that a student has a device that is personalized and is best configured for them. Our aim with technology is to reduce barriers to learning, if a student is struggling to work with a device that is unfamiliar to them, technology is then creating problems, not solving them. 


Changing the game

We love books and we love reading. But those two words can cause such anxiety in our students. Technology has the ability to turn that around. For every student, regardless of how much they choose to embrace it, we have assistive software available on every computer. This allows the device to read text aloud as well as type text as it is spoken by the student. So reading becomes listening and writing becomes speaking. Assistive technology helps remove significant barriers to reading and writing. It's a total game changer.