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What to do with summer for our children is a dilemma that we all face. After working so hard nine to ten months of the year, don’t our kids deserve a break? Don’t we all deserve a break? However, the research proves that on average a student may lose about a month’s worth of learning during summer if no intentional education is pursued. 

At Fortune Academy, we have worked hard to design a program to help our children retain their hard-won knowledge over the past school year, and still have plenty of time to chase their summer dreams. We are proud of the offerings in our Summer 2018 LEAP Program and invite you to register your child now!




So what is Summer LEAP?

LEAP was born from the research that showed that students can lose up to a month’s worth of learning when they are not educationally engaged. So we decided to take our proven and effective approach to learning, partnered with our qualified tutors and therapists, to provide an incredible opportunity for our students in the summer months.


How long is the program? 

Student’s receive individualized education in 7, 50-minute sessions, tailored just for them. These 7 sessions take place in either June or July, whichever month you prefer.  You could even sign up for both months and keep the learning going! Students will meet two days a week, either on a  Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule. 


how much does LEAP cost?

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