Private School Plans

Parents who decide to send their children to a private school may be accustomed to an Individualized Education plan (IEP). An IEP is a public school document. It is documentation of a child’s official diagnosis, areas of strength and need, goals and accommodations and services provided. When a student transitions from a public school to a private school, parents have given up FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education). In the private school, parents may choose to have an ISP, an Individualized Support Plan for their child. This plan is a document created by the Public School District that the private school resides.  

Fortune Academy is located within MSD of Lawrence Township ( MSDLT). The Private School Team from MSDLT will create the ISP that supports services to students who attend Fortune Academy


If your child comes to Fortune with an IEP OR and ISP

from another school, your child qualifies for an ISP through MSDLT. In order for an ISP to be developed at Fortune, parents must first sign permission for MSDLT to view student records. This permission slip is provided by Fortune Academy. 



 If your child does not have an IEP

If you are interested in an ISP, parents must inform a member of the MSDLT to request an educational evaluation to determine eligibility. Please note that ISP services provided by MSDLT are consultative. 

Upon admission to Fortune Academy, we strongly encourage parents to transition from an IEP to an ISP within MSDLT or to initiate a request for an evaluation. Eligible students are encouraged to have an ISP while attending Fortune Academy.


The key benefits of maintaining an ISP for an eligible student:

  • Creates a seamless record of services for your child
  • Facilitates accommodations for the SAT, etc.
  • Ensures communication and consultation between public and private school
  • Supports potential access to student services, assistive technology and other accommodations in postsecondary institution