Our technology recommendations

Not all technology is the same, and there is lots of it. When it comes to technology that is right for students with language learning differences, some technology is better than others. At Fortune Academy, we have chosen our technology based on four key criteria: ease of use, accessibility, security and reliability.  Below is a list of the technology we have chosen to exclusively use at Fortune Academy.

Lenovo 11e Chromebook

This model was chosen for its proven durability in the classroom. Its rugged design, reinforced hinges, water resistant and anti-pry keyboard help keep this Chromebook well protected. The 4th generation 11e introduces 2 USB-C ports as well as a USB 3.0 port for legacy devices. Students should be able to get through their day on a single charge with claims of battery life up to 10 hours. For offline files, the computer features 32 gb of onboard storage. As a Chromebook, the device is always connected, making it incredibly easy to stay organized in the cloud. A microSD card slot is also included allowing for additional storage if needed.

Ideal for: Students who don’t care much for computers and just want to get their work done, students who may be rough on their devices, students who want a smaller computer, students who are ok with working in the cloud,  students who don’t store a lot of music, photos and videos. Students who want an easy way to store and organize documents in the cloud. 

Apple MacBook Air

This model of Macbook was chosen for versatility. It is made to be handle a variety of tasks and with 8GB of RAM, it can multitask like a champ. This is a great all-around computer with proven reliability. It has a diverse range of inputs so you can connect just about anything. It’s the lightest of the three recommendations making it easy to carry from class to class. It features the highest resolution of any of Apple’s non-Retina displays. The computer comes standard with 128 GB of storage which should be more than sufficient for a moderately sized photo, music and movie collection.

Ideal for: Students who want a full featured, well-rounded computer. Students who benefit from long, all-day battery life. Students who multitask. Students who want a thin, lightweight computer. Students who want a high resolution display. Students who want a backlit keyboard to continue working in lower light situations. Students who have an interest in making music, movies or editing photos. Students who want to store a decent amount of music, photos and videos. 

Apple MacBook Pro

This model of MacBook was chosen for its power. A powerful 6th generation Intel processor provides enough power to handle just about anything our students can throw at it. From making movies to creating a spreadsheet, this computer is a true work horse. The 13-inch ultra high definition Retina display provides superb clarity making extended reading easier on the eyes. It is equipped with up to fourlightning-fast Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports. It also features an all-day battery lasting 10 hours on a single charge. The computer comes standard with 128 gb of storage and can be configured up to 512 gb. 

Ideal for: Students who expect a lot from their computer. Students who demand a lot of processing power. Students who want an ultra high definition display. Students that want the latest and state of the art technology. Students who want a backlit keyboard to continue working in lower light situations. Students who are interested in gaming.  Students who are artistic and have an interest in digital art. Students who want to make movies, music and edit photos. Students who need more storage for music, movies and photos.