An effective
approach to learning.

At Fortune Academy, learning comes first. For our students, effective teaching means that learning must be dynamic, multi-sensory, and personal. Our students' brains process information and learn differently, so we have to teach differently. 

Our entire curriculum is founded on the principles of a gold standard in teaching known as the Orton-Gillingham approach. The Orton-Gillingham approach has endured as the premiere way to educate students with language based learning difficulties for over 70 years. We are 1 of 14 schools in the nation accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators, and the only AOGPE accredited school in the state of Indiana.



We do what every teacher dreams they could do.


We all want to make a difference. Teachers teach because they see the opportunity to make an impact in a young person’s life. If they could, teachers would spend as much time as needed to help their student achieve success. At Fortune Academy, that is exactly what we do. We allow our students the time it takes for them to comprehend before we continue. There is no pressure for our students to keep pace with the entire class, we will slow down until we are truly ready to move ahead. That looks different for each student, so we keep our classrooms intentionally small so that our teachers can focus on their students as individuals. Our approach is both diagnostic and prescriptive, tailoring the way we teach to each and every student. 


Education so good you can feel it

No, really. We pride ourselves on making our lessons multi-sensory and engaging for our students. They process information differently, so it’s imperative for us to develop fantastic hands-on activities to really drive home the learning. Students retain information better when they can touch, feel, see, smell what it is that they are learning about. It takes abstract ideas and makes them something they can hold and touch. Plus, it’s way more fun!  


at a time

Our students can have difficulty fully grasping abstract ideas. So when it comes to learning, having a road map that our students can follow each step of the way can make all the difference. Our teachers have been trained to break down complex ideas and concepts to instruct our students sequentially to help them piece together the whole picture. Even if that sometimes means going back or revisiting past concepts, we do what it takes before moving on. Nothing gives us greater joy than to see that “moment of realization” in our students’ faces. We live for those lightbulb moments.


Research shows that stress can physically hinder the brain from functioning at higher levels and can inhibit a student’s ability to achieve their potential. We are committed to empowering our students with strategies to achieve their own success. Our teachers are mindful of nurturing healthy social and emotional development alongside of our students’ academic learning. We have a licensed Child and Family Therapist who partners with teachers to teach students self-advocacy skills, emotional coping strategies, setting realistic goals, recognizing effective support systems, and understanding the importance of perseverance and grit.

Oh, and his name is Mr. Chip. The kids love him. 

Helping students find their path to success


Discovering gifts and embracing strengths

performing arts finding strengths embrace difference gifts different perform talent.JPG

Research also recognizes the link between the arts and academic gains. Our Performing Arts program lets our students shine on stage, behind the stage, or at the soundboard. Students come out of their shells while confidence and pride build as new strengths are realized. Our Visual Arts program allows students to express themselves in bold, beautiful masterpieces that are as unique as each artist. While it is all about the process, the finished products have become state and national award winning pieces that boost pride, excitement, and enthusiasm throughout the school. It amazes us what our students learn about themselves and their world by participating in the act of creating and performance. 




Fortune Academy's curriculum includes the core subjects of reading, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students also have fun with our curricular art, music, drama, and physical wellness classes. All throughout, course content is directly taught in a structured, sequential, and multisensory approach. We are proud to be accredited by the Independent Schools Association of the Central States, by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators andInternational Dyslexia Association. We meet or exceed the standards and practices set by these accrediting bodies to provide an education that makes sense to our students. We are also a member of both the Indiana Association of Non-Public Schools (INPEA) as well as the National Association of Independent Schools

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