Financial Assistance Checklist

In order for Hutson School, Inc. d.b.a. Fortune Academy Board of Trustees to make its determination as to financial assistance, you will need to provide the following information:


1. Letter requesting financial assistance and any special circumstances that may apply.

2. Financial Statements:

Copies of parent(s) and stepparent(s) / guardian(s) last three months of bank and/or credit union statements.

3. Tax Returns:

Copies of parent(s) and stepparent(s) / guardian(s) past two years of tax returns.

4. Pay Stub(s):

Copies of parent(s) and stepparent(s) / guardian(s) last three months of pay stubs.

5. Statements

Any statements showing Social Security Disbursements, TANF, Child Support, Military Allotment, etc. If these items do not apply, please state so in your application letter.

6. Credit Report:

Copy of parent(s) and stepparent(s) / guardian(s) credit report dated within one year of today’s date. A free credit report can be obtained annually from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion by visiting

Financial information must be provided on both parents/guardians regardless if parents/guardians reside together or apart unless a court order has been issued resolving one parent/guardian of financial liability. A copy of the court order must be included with the financial request.

Please have this information mailed to Fortune Academy with your completed application. Financial assistance determination is made the last week of May for the upcoming academic year.

5626 Lawton Loop E Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46216



If you have any additional questions regarding tuition assistance, please contact our business office at (317) 377-0544