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We are incredibly proud to have been approved by the Indiana Department of Education as an educator training site for professional awareness information on dyslexia. Our Founder, Head of School, and AOGPE Fellow, Janet George, will be leading this training. Mrs. George has made it her life’s work to advocate for and educate students and families who are affected by dyslexia and related language based learning differences. She founded our school upon the Orton-Gillingham approach, which has endured as the premiere way to educate dyslexic students for over 70 years. It has become known as the “gold standard” in dyslexic education. We are 1 of 14 schools in the nation accredited by the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.

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Dyslexia Specialist 60-HourTraining

Central to Orton-Gillingham is a focus on the specific learning needs of the individual learner through diagnostic and prescriptive teaching that is taught in a structured, sequential and multisensory approach. The Associate Level Orton-Gilligham Course is taught by a Fellow in the AOGPE and meets the standards set forth by the Academy. Participants will learn about the nature of the dyslexic learner. They will understand the neurobiology of reading and understand reading development from decoding to reading for knowledge. The OG Approach: principles and knowledge of lesson plan design will be taught and practiced. Study includes the history and structure of language. Participants will learn basic assessment measures. Following the course, participants begin a 100 hour required supervised practicum over 8 months.

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