Fortune Academy Cell Phone Policy

This year, we have updated our cellphone policy. Students are not permitted to have cell phones in the school building. If your student walks to school, the student must turn their cell phone into the front office upon arrival. Student drivers must also turn their cell phone into the front office upon arrival.

  • If a student is known to be using his/her cell phone during the school day, the cell phone will be confiscated and given to Administration. The student’s cell phone will be returned to his/her parent
  • Additional cell phone use infractions will result in one-hour school detentions (either during academic hours or after academic hours as set by administration)
  • ISP accommodations for phone are accepted
  • Other exemptions made be granted upon administration approval 


Cell phone policy exemption request

Please complete this form to request an exemption to our cell phone policy. Please also note that this form is a request for cell phone policy exemption. Administration must approve this request before your student may bring their cell phone to school. You will receive a response via the email we have on file for your family.