8 Things You Might Not Know About Our Website

Our new website was built for you. This is our list of 8 things you might not know about our website that makes our new website better than ever. 

There are ACTUALLY 8 upcoming events on our homepage

Our home page is set to display two upcoming events at a time, however, if you click the next arrow, it will scroll over to show you 4 more events. 

There is a built in search feature

Ok, so this isn’t our best kept secret. But it’s not meant to be either! This is an easy way to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can find the search bar at the very bottom of any page.

You can sign up to volunteer online

This year we are going all in with SignUp Genius. It’s an easy to use way to sign up to volunteer at school and at events. It also keeps track of all of your service hours. No more filling out time sheets! Huzzah! 

You can like and share our news

Like what you see? Share it with your friends! We really do want to hear your feedback. If we post something that you’ve enjoyed, let us know by hitting the like button. You can also click the share button and post a link to the article on your social media. Help us get our message out! 

You can save upcoming events to your calendar

We’ve talked about this before, but let’s be honest, it’s something we’ve all REALLY REALLY wanted. So now that it’s here, we can’t stop talking about it. From the “Upcoming Events” page OR the “School Calendar”, you can click on Google Calendar or ICS to automatically save that event to your personal calendar.

 You can sign up for emergency/ important updates

You’ll find a lot of really great information on our website. However, we will utilize a system called Remind to send out emergency and important updates via text. Sign up to receive these notifications here

You can filter your news

You might not want to see everything we post, and that’s cool with us. If you just want to catch the most important news, you can filter news down to either High School News or Lower School News. We also won’t post our features in those sections either, so you’ll only see the most important need-to-know news. 

There are quick links to our social media

You’ll find a lot of really great content on our website, butif you still want more, check out our social media. You’ll find quick links to our Twitter and Facebook page where we’ll be posting even more Fortune fun!

So what's your favorite feature? Share your thoughts on our Twitter or Facebook