One Sunset at a Time

One Sunset at a Time

I have a good friend who posts a sunset every day on her social media page and titles it, “One Sunset at a Time”. I find her daily sunsets calming and quite reflective. When my children were quite little, I used to live one sunset at a time. I just tried to survive each day, outnumbered by three little ones who were always on the go. My three Tiggers bounced, moved, built, created, ran, ran, and ran some more. At the end of each day, a sunset signaled the survival of yet another day of motherhood.

When they entered school age, I again looked at sunsets with a different lens. This time, the setting of the sun signaled another day of school done. Those school years were tough for them and fearful for me. I wanted a crystal ball. Would they make it in school? One of my children worried excessively, another one was dyslexic and couldn’t sit still, and the third struggled with dyslexia, anxiety and ADHD. My heart broke many times and I felt alone on an island, just trying to find a life raft to keep the kids afloat. My worry- would they make it? But I took each school year as “one sunset at a time.”

Now, 20 years later, I look at sunsets with yet another lens. My children are wonderful, successful, creative, kind, and thoughtful adults. They make me proud to be their mom.

I share this with you all to give you three things to remember, from one who has “walked the walk”, just like you….

1) Fear is so powerful. The mind games of “what if”, “if only”, etc. do not help your child. What does help your child is the acceptance that they feel from you - that they are perfect in all of their imperfections.

2) They will learn in a supportive environment.

3) They will grow up to do amazing things - maybe not what you had planned - but what they are passionate about.


Yours for Fortune, 

Mrs. George