Next Week Today 9/21/18

Algebra I (Ahearn)

We just finished our lesson on Order of Operations and Absolute value and are starting solving one variable equations.

Algebra II (Ahearn)

We just finished our lesson on Rational Expressions and will be starting working on scientific notation.  We have also been implementing the Work Solution Strategy and will continue using this strategy with our new lesson.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We just finished our unit on angles and will be starting parallel and perpendicular lines as well as bisectors.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We have been working with the trig ratios and interpreting the trig table and will be using this information to find unknown sides and angles of triangles.

Paced Algebra I Year 2 (Ahearn)

We are continuing our lesson on Laws of Exponents and moving from using them individually to applying them to a full exponential expression that needs to be simplified.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

We worked this week on our presentation for Conner Prairie and we took a test on Chapter 3. This coming week we will be taking notes in Chapter 4 (Chemistry of the Earth) and learning about the elements. I have an Escape Room activity planned to practice the new content.


Studio Art (Evans)

Students have made the transition from printmaking to furniture design and fabrication!!

Students researched and drafted ideas for work-tables that will replace the current tables in the art room.

Digital Art (Evans)

Digital Designers have finished their personal logos using the pixelmator app.We are starting two new projects, Logo design for the Fortune recycling team,and the “Sky Day Project.”

Speech and Communications (Dust)

Unit 2 Test: Thursday September 27th. Next week we will be review for this 3 part test. As a class we will continue to practice using the S.O.A.P analysis form to dissect any speech, presentation or paper. The group is also working together to take that information and place it into the Rhetorical Triangle diagram.


Freshman English (Dickison)

We finished our group story lesson from the unit on Walter Mitty. We will be starting next week with a biography of Edgar Allan Poe.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

We began working on solving one variable expressions and will continue to practice throughout the next week.

Geometry (Thammachack)

This week, we started identifying supplementary and complementary angles and reviewed reflex angles. We will continue practicing and move on to transversals next week.

Paced Algebra 1 year 1 (Thammachack)

We started practicing combining like terms and will continue to work on them throughout the next week.

Everyday Math (Oguss)

Next week we will be reviewing number facts and shaking things up with Yahtzee!

Life Skills (Oguss)

We will look at laundry related information; reading tags on clothes, choosing cleaning products, temperature settings on washers and dryers.

Entrepreneurship (Oguss)

We will be looking at different designs for our special group project and further defining everyone’s role in the project.

English 4 (Carroll)

We will continue working our way through the writing process, in order to write a character analysis.

Government (Carroll)

We will wrap up Chapter 1 Section 1 and move on to Chapter 1 Section 2. Students will continue working individually and as a group to effectively take notes.

Studio Arts (Carroll)

We will begin perspective drawing in nature.


ENG I: (Sheehy)

After weeks of labeling and diagramming sentences, we are writing our 1st assignment utilizing P.O.W.E.R. The students read The Secret Adventures of Walter Mitty and are adding their own adventure to the short story.


Students completed a project last week on researching Career Pathways of  three Performing Arts Professionals. The posters they created were tools to teach the class about their findings. We concluded with a group discussion on similarities and differences with the professionals.

This coming week we start our last project for Quarter One which involves creating a 2 minute mini-film with an in depth character study and analysis. Each student will be working on an individual creation; they will create a character who is torn in making a pertinent decision, a vision board, a storyboard, and then their film. The class will have several graded deadlines to meet in order to stay on.