Next Week Today 9/7

ASL classes

We will continue working on numbers and reviewing lessons from 1,2 and 3!

We will not have a quiz this week, but will have a quiz over unit 3 next Thurs.

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We are starting a new lesson on order of operations and absolute value

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We are continuing to work on simplifying and combining rational expressions


Geometry (Ahearn)

We will be starting our lesson over angles, naming them, drawing, and measuring them

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We will be starting our lesson over reciprocal trig ratios

Paced Algebra 1 year 2 (Ahearn)

We will be starting our new lesson over the laws of exponents

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

We are working on order of operations and absolute values.

Geometry (Thammachack)

We will be working on measuring, drawing, and naming angles.

Paced Algebra 1 year 1 (Thammachack)

We will be working on commutative and associative properties.

Speech and Communication (Dust)

Beginning Unit 2: Mindfulness and Communication. By the end of next week, each student should be able to answer the question ‘What does Mindfulness mean to me?’ They will be able to provide an example of how they are currently using it in their lives and identify a way practicing mindfulness could help them in the classroom.

English 1 (Dickison)

We will be composing our essays and reading The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


Chemistry (Tulbert)

In Chemistry we are working on creating an interactive Periodic table Bulletin Board for use all year.  We have also begun Chapter 3 covering scientific notation, significant figures, and units of measurement for chemistry. Our next test will probably be the end of next week.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

We have been working on writing the report for Conner Prairie.  We also have started Chapter 3 on the Models of the earth. We will be making maps this next week.  

Digital Arts (Evans)

Students are transitioning from the XC project to research and development

Of their own personal logos. Criteria is roughly the same, logos must be simple,appropriate to the task at hand,and memorable.

Studio Arts (Evans)

Students have completed their personal logos and have started exploring other printmaking techniques,such as printmaking with found objects,and using their desktops as a printing plate.

English II (Kemper)

We have finished “front-loading” the movie Bicentennial Man and will begin reading the text and developing ideas/strategies for a comparison/contrast essay.  Plans are to use various modes of organization skills to complete the written project.

English III (Kemper)

Students are reading novels and working on reading comprehension skills.  We continue to work on annotating while reading. We will also be looking at author characterization as it relates to dialog, and plot sequencing.  

Theater Arts (Pappas)

Students courageously performed their second dramatic presentation this week, with the goal of demonstrating a realistic and natural transition of emotions. This included memorizing lines, as well as improvisation. Next week we will begin a unit of study on career paths that performing arts professionals take into their future, through research and interviews.

Everyday Math (Mr. Oguss)

Next week we will be working on weights and measures in everyday life.  Get ready for some heavy lifting!

Entrepreneurship (Mr. Oguss)

Next week we will be looking at week four: “Designing Your Workflow” in our online course of Entrepreneurship with Don Wettrick.  Specifically we will talk about collaboration, task orientation, and the principle values of the entrepreneurial community.

Life Skills (Mr. Oguss)

In our Life Skills class next week we will be sending home a checklist survey for parents and students to fill out together.  In doing so we will be able to identify specific areas and life in the remainder of the school year.

I have asked the students to bring in a favorite family recipe to transcribe in class on Monday.


High school PE is working together as a team in Ultimate Football. The students must use teammates to find success passing the football across the goaline. Offense to defense switches occur very fast so students must be on their toes.