Next Week Today - 8/30/18


Ahearn - Algebra 1
We will continue working on Commutative and Associative Properties as well as combining like terms.

Ahearn - Algebra 2
We just finished the laws of exponents and will be working on simplifying rational expressions

Ahearn - Geometry
We are going to be continuing learning about planes and sets.

Ahearn - Pre Calculus
We are continuing our work with the 6 trigonometric ratios.

Ahearn - Paced Algebra 1 Year 2
We are finishing up our story problems including Coins and Consecutive Integers and will be starting the laws of exponents.

Billingsley - ASL
Next week we will be working on topic-comment structure,numbers and more fingerspelling.  So proud of their willingness to learn!! They are doing a fantastic job learning the ASL syntax, very proud of them!!

Evans - Digital Art
“Project XC”
Students research and develop logos appropriate for Fortune Cross Country team. Designs must possess the letters XC, must be simple, appropriate to task, and memorable.

Evans - Studio Art
“Personal Logos using printmaking techniques.”
Students are designing personal logos that are simple,appropriate,and have impact.Students create printing blocks using foam board to carve their designs.Students then coat the boards with printing ink to press, using a brayer onto white paper.

Carroll - English 4
We’re watching “That’s What I Am” and reviewing the writing process, elements of plot, and elements of a story. We are starting to analyze characters, and discuss how their personality traits impact the story.

Carroll - Government
We are wrapping up our introduction to the Constitution, and learning how to spot fake news.

Carroll - Studio Arts
We are studying the animations of Floyd Norman.

Demos - P.E.
High School PE will begin a unit on football during nice weather days. We also are starting our research on Nutrition.

Dickison - English I
We have been reviewing parts of speech. The students worked together to put together an entire lesson, with two modes of teaching, to teach ME independent and dependent clauses. They also needed to come up with a test to make sure I understood the material. They did wonderfully! And, I'm happy to say, I passed my test.

This week we will be learning the vocabulary found in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We will also continue with our review of parts of speech. The students will have a vocabulary test this week.

Dust - Speech and Communication
In class this week we discussed three strategies that could be used to actually USE their NERVES and ANXIETY to help them become better and more confident speakers. We also studied the rhetorical strategies of one of the greatest speakers of the modern era, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This led to some very interesting discussions about Civil Rights and equality.

Kemper - English III - Period 6
We are quite into the suspenseful true story of Truman Capote’s, In Cold Blood.  Students are learning to annotate while they are reading. We find that there are few movies that are as good as the original written work, but this is pretty close!


Kemper - English III - Period 5
Class has just started reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and finding it to be surprisingly different from the 1930’s adaptation.

Kemper - English II
Students are working on pre-reading exercises preparing for The Bicentennial Man by Isaac Asimov.

Pappas - Theater Arts
Students finished their first project and presentation, as pictured, in which they created a scene with a color character who said the “magic words” to help another character through their personal struggle. This week students start their second project based on a scenario of their choice to demonstrate natural and realistic emotional shifts. We are also learning about the basic structure of the Performing Arts (drama, music, dance) their purpose in society and power to change an audience’s thoughts and feelings.

Sheehy - English I Sheehy
We took or first test this week in labeling and diagramming sentences from barebone sentences up to adverbs. Next week we will add direct and indirect objects. All this to lead towards building proper sentences to help us express ourselves well in our written work. The students are having fun coming to the board to share the sentences that they themselves have composed to diagram for all.

Tulbert - Earth Science
We went to Conner Prairie Monday to collect water samples for a water analysis project we are completing for them.  We analyzed the water on Tuesday, had a test on Wednesday over Chapters 1-2, and are starting their report on water quality for Conner Prairie Thursday.  We will be working on the report next week and developing a presentation for Administrators at Connor Prairie.


Tulbert - Chemistry
This week we have taken our first test on chapter 2 in the book (basic concepts and vocabulary), and helped the Earth Science students with their water sample analysis. Today we started chapter 3, which is a review of math skills and measurement terminology we will need the rest of the year. We will finish this review next week I think and start looking at atomic structure.