Beginning Your Year With Confidence

In the many years of running a school, certain things are expected - are just plain predictable. This year is no different. So I wanted to write about a perennial topic, anxiety. The beginning of any school year typically comes with a bit of anxiety. It’s a time when our kids are transitioning out of their summer habits, their routines are abruptly changed, they are entering the classroom with greater expectations, and the list continues. It never catches us by surprise, and we prepare for it every year. As I opened up my professional resource closet of books last night and out dropped the book, “Helping your Anxious Child.” I kid you not. So I decided to read this 160 page paperback (it didn’t take long!). 

As a mother, when my kids were young, I was continually guilty of worrying about them and their capacity to tolerate anxiety. It’s part of being a parent who cares deeply. However, it is critical for parents to remember that our kids can pick up subtle messages from us about how capable they are or how difficult certain tasks may be. We parents can not let our worries show. We need to be positive about what our children are trying to do/change/become. I know first hand how difficult it is to know how to balance when to be sympathetic and assist and when to sit back and expect them to dig in and do the work.  If we only had a crystal ball!  

So cheers to all of us who worry about our kids, we are in great company!