Feeling As Good As You Look

We love our students. We love our families. We love our community. And we know our community loves us, not to brag, but because we hear it quite a bit. In fact, we've gotten feedback over the past year that parents and students wanted spiritwear to show off their school pride. So we started to have meetings about tee shirts - have we ever mentioned how much we love our jobs? We were super intentional about creating the most perfect spiritwear, and not just settle on what we had done in the past. It had to not only look great, but it was more important to us that it also fit and feel great as well. No more chunky, stiff shirts that shrink and stretch and just aren't any fun to wear - ain't nobody got time for that! We won't give a number, but it probably would be embarrassing to admit how much time we spent just feeling the t-shirts. Even more embarrassing might be to share some of the ways we pantomimed how we felt about a shirt when we couldn't quite find the right words to describe our displeasure. But it was all worth it, because it led us to finding some seriously comfortable options. 

When we talked about design we wanted something that was simple and non-distracting, making them ideal for spiritwear Fridays at school. But we also wanted something that our larger community would be proud to wear out any day. So we did. We kept it simple and we love what we came up with! This lineup is truly for everyone. We hope you love it too. Designed by Fortune with our Fortune Family in mind.




Just one last quick note: pre-orders will close this Friday (August 31st). After that, quantities will be limited. Eek! So as you're browsing, if you know you want something, we strongly suggest you place your order before the 31st.