Chalk It Up!


It is a well documented fact that children learn better with information is provided across more than one of their senses (touch, taste, vision, hearing, balance).  There are many inexpensive multi-sensory experiences you can use at home to work on learning to write letters and/or learning to spell.

  • Put some shaving cream on a cooking sheet with raised sides.  Let the child “write” a letter with their finger, then “erase” with their hand and start over.  If you have a child that still puts fingers in their mouth, this may be better done with something edible like whipped cream or pudding.

  • Practice making letters with pipe cleaners or “wiki-stix”.  These bendable items are perfect for early letter making.

  • Practicing writing letters outside on a driveway or sidewalk with wide “sidewalk chalk” is a great multisensory experience.

  • Fill a small bucket with water and get a large paintbrush.  Let your child “paint” letters on a driveway, sidewalk, or even the side of a building.

  • Get a set of letter stencils and cut letters out of coarse sandpaper.  Let your child trace their finger over these letters to help learn their shapes.