Baseball, BBQ and Blogging!


Summertime fun is filled with baseball, barbecues, bicycles, and the beach! We also know that the summer break can cause a regression in reading and writing skills. Fortune Academy is launching an exciting way to engage our  students this summer.

  Have they read a great book? They can write about it!

 Traveled to a museum? They can write about it!

 Watched a new movie? They can write about it!

 Attended a camp? They can write about it!

 Get the idea?! We would love for  them to write about that they learned, read, or watched!  They can then enter their writings to be published in the Fortune Student Blog on our website!     We will have special awards for those students who are published on the website when school resumes in August. 

Here is how it works: 

Enjoy your summer and share with your child this summer experience!

With your help, students submit their written work as often as they wish to

With your help, visit our website often to see if their work is published on the Student Blog! 

The Student Blog will begin June 7th!