Coming Up in High School

Eng I - Sheehy
We are reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” alongside a long list of vocabulary.  We discussed “anachronism” in literature and the students are considering a topic that they could write about with an anachronistic theme.




Eng IV - Sheehy
We are listening to the audiobook of “The Illustrated Man” and watching parts of it from the movie.  Along with discussion, the students will begin writing their own version of “The Last Day of the World.”



Language Arts I & II - Sheehy
We are in the middle of the Editing, Revising, & Rewriting stages of our opinion papers on School Shootings and Gun Control.  Upon completion, we will develop a form to fill out to be our own film critics to use while watching one or more of the following movies:  “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Remember the Titans,” or “Facing the Giants.”



Pre Calculus - Ahearn
Working on Logarithms


Algebra 2- Ahearn
We are finishing up our lesson on Mixture Story Problems


Algebra 1- Ahearn
Factoring Polynomials


Paced Algebra -Ahearn
Solving Systems of equations by graphing with equation conversions


Geometry- Ahearn
Introducing SAS and SSS Triangle Proofs


We will finish Chapter 12 on DNA, have a chapter test, and start Chapter 14 on Heredity.


Anatomy and Physiology--Tulbert
We sill finish Chapter 10 on the Blood. Have a chapter test, and start the chap[ter on the Endocrine system.


Independent Biology--Tulbert
We will have the Chapter 9 test Monday and start Chapter 13.


We will have the Chapter 28 test in 2 parts the first part of the week.  We will then organize notebooks and gather test materials from the whole semester.


Speech and Communication - Dust
The date has been set!

**LIVE **From the Theatre at the Fort

Y.O.L.O Talks May 17th from 1:00-3:00.  

Currently this is a closed event, but as the draws closer and our speakers become more comfortable with their individual messages, invitations may be extended. Video production of each talk will be available post performance.

Next week we begin practicing our Talks. Saying ‘um’, pacing back and forth, turning away from the audience - these are just a few bad habits we pick up when we’re standing in front of a room. This week we will begin to practice and work to become more comfortable and begin building a connection with the audience.

Geography - O’Donnell
We are currently working on a Human Geography project involving the islands (and “garbage island”) on Oceania.  We are looking at birth rates, mortality rates, human distribution and land capacity to just the health and viability of the islands.



Economics - O’Donnell
We are currently engaged in our “Senior Thesis” in Econ.  Students had their choice to cover either the recent tax plan or the recent proposed tariffs.  We are are engaged in step one of the project, which is finding at least two unbiased reports defining what these things are.  We will them build on that to look at each partisan view of the subject.


College/Career Planning - O’Donnell
We are working on a Career planning workbook.  

We just finished up our study of reproduction and will begin studying contraception.



Digital Arts - Casey
We have concluded our section on music production and will be sliding into movie making this week.