Coming Up This Week in High School


Students will be learning about genetic mutations (Chapter 13). And Human aHereditu (chapter 14).  This is our last chapter for the year. After we finish chapter 14, we will be studying for the exam.  Next week we will also start a lab where students wipe areas in the school to see what is on them. We will grow cultures in petrie dishes, and thes see what happens when we drop in hand sanitizer on the growth.


Anatomy and Physiology--Tulbert

Students will be starting Chapter 8 on the Endocrine System.  This is our last chapter for the year. After we finish this chapter, we will be studying for the exam.

Independent Biology--Tulbert

Student will Finish Chapter 13 )Mendelian Genetics) and take a test.



Students will be completing Chapter 26 on Abnormal Psychology, and taking a test on that chapter.


LA Lab I- Carroll

We will continue working on our Vocabulary Board Game. We’re wrapping up the rules, and starting the creative process.


English II- Carroll

We will continue practicing vocabulary strategies, using text evidence to help us comprehend a text, and activating prior knowledge before we start reading a text. We are developing our skills for having effective group discussions, and practicing giving kind, constructive feedback to peers.


LA Lab

We will be practicing to effective note while we read texts.


Studio Arts

We are wrapping up our fabric bowls, and starting personal fabric arts projects.


Students will continue to learn about contraception.  Students need to bring binders to every class. We will also begin learning about PSAs and discuss steps for creating our own PSA based on topics learned this semester.

Geography - O’Donnell

Students will continue their unit on the islands of Oceania.  Students need to bring their notes to class everyday to research different aspects of their country.  

Economics - O’Donnell

Students will continue their Senior Thesis for Economics answering essential questions about the real nature of either the new tax plan or the new tariffs.  

College/Career Planning - O’Donnell

Students are working on part two of their Career Planning Workbook.