Coming Up This Week in High School

English II-Comer

The Great Gatsby final projects were turned in on Friday!  Now we’ll begin our comparison of the two movie versions.


English IV-Comer

We are working on our poetry analysis and writing summaries about the poem we chose from Dead Poets Society. Essays are due Friday, March 16.


Digital Arts-Comer  

Some students are finishing their self portraits.  Others are working on creating their very own album label.



Math Lab-Comer

We’ll be studying how to find the average of different sets of addends.


Biology - Tulbert

Students are taking their Chapter 10 test today (Thursday) on Cell Division and we will start Chapter 11 on Heredity Monday.  Today is the Fermentation Buffet--it will be interesting to see who tries what!!


Anatomy and Physiology -- Tulbert

Students are taking their Chapter 6 test today (Thursday) on the Nervous System and we will start a new chapter on Monday.  I’m going to let the students decide which body system we study next.


Independent Biology - Tulbert

The students finished Chapter 5 on Cell biology and are working on Chapter 6 on Bacterial biology.


Psychology - Tulbert

Students completed Chapter 24 on Self Awareness and will be working on an individual research projects for the next week.


Health-We are wrapping up the end of our mental disorders unit and will begin unit on intimate relationships.  Students will take pretest, set up binders, and complete an inventory of topics they are interested in learning more about.

Eng I -  (K. Sheehy) We begin the new quarter studying the American Short Story.  As a class, we will read 2 or 3 short stories (I am still deliberating which ones) and each student will choose their own short story to read and choose a special project due at the end of the quarter from which they will make a presentation to the class.  Writing skills will be explored and developed during this quarter.


L/A Lab I & II - We continue using our labeling and diagramming skills to determine the parts of speech and each word’s function within a sentence.  This week, students will write, label, and diagram their own sentences using words from their Latin roots vocabulary development from last quarter.


Speech and Communication (Dust) - We will review our framed ideas and storytelling outlines. Share our road maps with the class.  And if that wasn’t enough; we are going to begin discussing the importance of a good introduction. What does it look like? Are there certain techniques or strategies that seem to catch their attention more than others? Then they are going to take those ‘hooking’ strategies and apply them to the introductions of their own TED Ed Talks.


Pre Calculus-Ahearn

We will be continuing to work on Vectors.


Algebra 2- Ahearn

We are finishing our unit on Motion story problems and we will begin Review 4 types of graphs: Lines, circles, parabolas and hyperbolas


Algebra 1- Ahearn

We just finished up our Systems of Equations unit and will be starting applying those skills through story problems involving coins.



We just took our quiz over surface area and will be starting a new lesson on radicals.



Geography- O’Donnell

The start of a new nine weeks and it will get a little more challenging.  First, we will start with the countries of the Middle East, but we will also be working on the concept of the Five Themes of Geography.  


Economics - O’Donnell

We are going to finish our unit on the Law of Supply, and start to delve into the stock market and pricing.  


Career/College Planning - O’Donnell

We are going to take a couple of career surveys to begin looking at what kind of direction we want to head towards after high school.