Next Week Today 4/29/19

Algebra 1 (Ahearn) -  We just finished our unit on laws of exponents and we will begin working on Polynomials, starting with interpreting to adding to multiplying them.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn) -  We just finished reviewing four types of graphs.  Now we are starting with the distance and midpoint formulas.  

Geometry (Ahearn) -  We just finished our unit on radicals and will now begin studying the pythagorean theorem.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn) -  We recently finished our unit on composite functions and are starting working with logarithms.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn) - We will be continuing our review over each concept covered over the course of this year.  This week it will be factoring using GCF and california method.

Algebra 1 (Dickison): We just finished our unit on systems of equations: substitutions. We will be starting on systems of equations: elimination method.

Geometry (Dickison):We are continuing our work with radicals. We are working on simplifying and dividing radicals.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Dickison): We are learning the difference between parallel and perpendicular lines when expressed in slope-intercept form. Next week, we will begin converting slope-intercept form into standard form and vice versa.

English 1 (Dickison): We are working on writing powerful sentences for our PSA scripts. Next week, we will begin the storyboarding process for our videos.

Speech and Communication (Dust)- Outline and initial drafts of our TED talks are complete. Now we turn our attention to putting together visuals to help support the various thoughts and ideas we are sharing. Final Drafts and Visuals will be completed by next Friday. We have some pretty interesting ‘Ideas worth sharing’!

Earth Science (Tulbert)

In Earth Science we are working on Chapter 19--Water in the Atmosphere.  We will finish the chapter some time next week and start studying for the test.  I also met with all earth science students this week to talk about studying and will have emails going to students and parents today and tomorrow detailing each student’s plan.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

In Chemistry we are working on Chapter 12--Stoichiometry.  We are balancing chemical equations and using ratios to find quantities of mass, volume, particles, and moles needed for reactions.  We will be working on this most of next week.

Everyday Math (Oguss)

We will be working with Kahn Academy instructional videos covering pre-algebra math.

Students are encouraged to do Reflex Math daily to reinforce math facts.

Entrepreneurship (Oguss)

The class will doing  post production work on the Veazie Projection Screen Operation Video.

Life Skills

We will be doing some lessons based on materials from the Overcoming Obstacles Life Skills Org.

Theater Arts (Pappas) Students are working furiously to memorize the scripts they have just written in preparation for their performance on May 10. They are also working on Organizing Publicity, Crew, and House Manager jobs!

Geography (O’Donnell) Next week we will be looking at Europe while studying human geography, specifically, economic systems.  

U.S. History (O’Donnell) - We will be looking at the years between WWi and WWII and how WWII got started.  

Digital Art ( Evans)  Students are designing logos that are simple,specific, and memorable/timeless to their businesses they have created.

Studio Art ( Evans) Students have began their project “PVC Go Karts.”

Students from both classes are  researching,budgeting,and fundraising to build their

Go Karts for the May 31st race to be held on the Fortune campus.