Next Week Today 3/15/19

3/22 All High Schoolers will be on Service Learning Field Trips

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We will review our lesson on coin story problems and be ready to take a quiz on Thursday.  

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We will continue working on D=RT story problems.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We will continue working on volume of 3D shapes, and take a quiz on Thursday.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We will continue working on Vectors and Addition of Vectors.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)

We will continue working on graphing hyperbolas.

Eng I (Sheehy)

Upon our return from Spring Break, we will be working on a Performance-Based Learning Project that will involve interviewing skills.  Therefore, we will be watching various interviews and discussing techniques, types of questions asked, what did the interviewer do, or not do, to make the interviewee more comfortable.  

We will also be reviewing topic sentence development for their Written Expression skills.

Algebra 1 (Dickison)

We will be working on graphing inequalities.

Geometry (Dickison)

We will be working on radicals, basic operations and simplifying.

Paced Algebra Year 1 (Dickison)

We will be working on finding slope in slope-intercept form.

Everyday Math (Oguss)

We will continue our exercises with fractions, percentages, and the use of circle graphs to display information.

Life Skills (Oguss)

We will continue work on our job application folders including business cards and positive experience stories to use during interviews.

Entrepreneurship (Oguss)

We will consider the research methods of Tommy Gregory Thompson, an engineer who specialized in underwater salvage.  Before he set his mind to find The SS Central America no one in the world had assembled the technology needed to salvage a gold ship several miles below the surface of the ocean.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

Today students presented their posters on the oceans.  Next week we will finish Chapter 23 and will be taking a test.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

We are working on mixed problems in converting to/from particles to moles. Mass to/from moles, and volume to/from moles.  The end of next week we will finish our practice and take a test on these conversions.

Physical Education (Demos)

We will begin our unit on physical activity and how it helps your body. The students will also set goals and work toward achieving them by exercising at the YMCA.

Theater Arts: (Pappas)

This week we are finishing up our Script Writer, Composer, Costume Designer, Set Designer Project with Presentations.

Next week we will learn about the nuts and bolts of DANCE, with some opportunities for improvisation. There will be a Quiz on Thursday.

Speech and Communication (Dust)

This week the students shared some of the visuals they plan on using during their TED Talks in May. They discussed the images and how they related or would tie into their overall message. Each class did a wonderful job engaging as a ‘club’ and provided positive and productive feedback. Next week we will begin looking at how to construct a memorable conclusion with focus on what they want the audience to think or do after hearing their individual messages.

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