Next Week Today 3/1/19

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We will be finishing our unit over systems of equations and taking a quiz this week.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work on story problems with ratios.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We will be finishing up our unit on circles and taking a quiz this week.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We will be continuing our work with converting between polar and rectangular equations.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)

We will be finishing our lesson over graphing parabolas and taking a quiz this week.

Algebra 1 (Dickison)

We are finishing up our lesson on converting slope-intercept form into standard form, and vice versa. We are also learning to identify parallel and perpendicular lines from the slope-intercept equation. Next week, we will work on review and have a test.

Geometry (Dickison)

We had a test on parts of the circle, central and inscribed angles, length of an arc and area of a sector. Next week we will be finishing up the unit on circles.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Dickison)

We took a test on single, double and multi-step equations and solving for the unknown. We will begin a lesson on the Distributive Property.

English 1 (Dickison)

We are working on wrapping up our newspaper articles, as well as continuing to read The Book Thief.

English 4 ( Carroll)

We are finishing Tuesdays with Morrie and practicing being more thorough in our responses to comprehension questions.

Economics (Carroll)

We are working our way through chapter 2 and will be preparing for the chapter quiz.

Studio Arts (Carroll)

We are practicing drafting in order to improve our drawing skills.

English I - Sheehy

The students have completed viewing the movie’ “Anne Frank:  Diary of a Young Girl.” There extra reading of a Holocaust-themed book was due yesterday.  We have begun the planning process for writing an article about the Holocaust which will include direct information from both sources.

Digital Arts (Evans)

Students have completed their video installations for the upcoming play “Cinderella Marvel.”

Studio Arts (Evans)

Students have completed their set design for the upcoming play “Cinderella Marvel.’

Theater Arts (Pappas)

This past week students created costumes and a set design for their play! They are creating a design using a bird’s eye view as well as from the audience’s perspective. Next week they will begin learning the elements of music and creating an original song!

Earth Science (Tulbet)

Earth Science students just took a test on Chapter 30 (stars and other objects in the universe) and have begun watching Interstellar, a movie that looks at black holes, exoplanets, wormholes and space travel.  We are discussion the chapter topics and ideas as we watch the movie. Next week we will begin studying the oceans.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

Chemistry just took a test on naming ionic and covalent compounds.  We will be adding on the concept of naming acids and bases, and the pH table next week.

Everyday Math (Mr. Oguss)

We will be looking at basic Tax Forms in hard copy and online.

Entrepreneurship (Mr. Oguss)

We will continue to research and brainstorm ideas for how to improve Mr. Veazie’s Projection Screen System.  

Life Skills (Mr. Oguss)

We will be looking at job hunting resources and discuss what our class has already experienced in the way of job hunting.

Speech and Communications (Dust)

This week the students began outlining their Ted Talks. Many of the students drew pictures to help them connect to their overall message. Next week we begin Exploration 4. This is when they will really start filling out their ideas and begin sharing these plans as a group.

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