Blood, Bones and a Fulfilling Career Day

From time to time, we welcome parents from our 5th and 6th grade families to give various presentations to our students. These range from talking about current topics that we have been learning about in school, to talking about their careers and what a student could expect should they choose that particular profession for themselves when they’re older.


Mr. Ritter kicked off this year’s parent-led presentations. He talked about orthopedic surgery and the instruments that are used during surgery. He also talked about the various types of implants and other methods for fixing fractured or displaces bones and joints. But like everything we do, OF COURSE the students got hands on experience checking out real life instruments and tools. They also got to watch videos of procedures as well as looking at models of bones and joints.

Students particularly enjoyed dressing up in scrubs and “scrubbing up” and working in a sterile environment during a procedure. Mr. Ritter helped students see that this was a particularly good job for him as he liked to move about and do things with his hands rather than sitting at a desk. The 5th and 6th grade students and teachers are very thankful to Mr Ritter for taking the time out for this wonderfully informative presentation!