Going The Distance

Welcome back, Fortune Family!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and a wonderful break! Yesterday was a very peaceful and productive day in our classroom. Our STEM challenge was to build a paper airplane that could fly the furthest. The students designed some incredible airplanes - I was very impressed! In fact, several hit the far wall of the science lab during flight.

Hopefully the students have begun to think about the Cereal Box Book Report project. In class, we are reading Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution. The students are welcome to do their book report on this book. We are continuing to learn about the Revolutionary War. This week we will be working with the History Atlas to understand the geography of the war. Students will also be watching videos during Social Studies to give them a clearer picture of the historic times when our country gained her independence.

In science, we are exploring the properties of different rocks and minerals. Today, Sadie and Wyatt discovered that they could write with graphite. :) The students are doing well following their individual work plans in class.

Mrs. Sellhorn