Next Week Today 10/15/18

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work on distributive property.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work on radicals and operations with radicals.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We are going to finish up our lesson on pairs of angles.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We are finishing our lesson on trig functions on the calculator.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work with polynomials, after focusing on building them and adding them we will start learning how to multiply them.


English 1 (Dickison)

We finished up reading Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”. Next week, we will read Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee” and continue to work on our spoooooky story.

Studio Arts (Carroll)

We are starting a unit on Salvador Dali.

Government (Carroll)

We are starting our human rights projects. We’re starting out by learning how to research, and take notes so that they information we find during our research isn’t plagiarized.  

English 4 (Carroll)

We are starting a series of 3 essays. We are practicing taking our time with each step of the writing process, developing skills to ensure that we comprehend the prompt/ instructions, and using the resources we have in order to ensure that our writing makes sense in the end.

Theater Arts: (Pappas) We will be going on a Study Trip to see a Heartland Film Festival Movie entitled “Film School Africa” about a filmmaker who started a Film School in South Africa.

U.S. History - Mr. O’Donnell

We will wrap up our unit on the Revolutionary war, looking to take the exam on Wednesday.

Geography - Mr. O’Donnell

We have these three days to work on the map of Guilder.  Using clues from the movie we will create a map from the movie “The Princess Bride”  

English I - Mrs. Sheehy

We finished writing our additional adventure to add to the Walter Mitty short story using the P.O.W.E.R. plan for writing.  I am very well pleased both by the student’s efforts and their finished products. After reading/listening to “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, the students were required to answer six questions in complete sentences.  Next week, they will turn them into a paragraph.

“Annabelle Lee” and “Sleepy Hollow” are next on the list for macabre literature to discover. OG Fridays continued with a review of Open, Closed, and VCe syllable types and an introduction to the R-controlled vowels: er, or, ar. For extra credit, I have asked my Eng I students to write a thank you letter to a member of our military.  It is due Monday to give extra time for editing purposes. Mrs. Coles is collecting these through Wed, Oct 17th.

High School OG

We are moving into the more common affixes and roots while continuously circling back to syllable types, syllable division rules, spelling rules, and a review of vowel teams. The students are enjoying the book, “Under a War-Torn Sky.”

Chemistry (Tulbert)

We will be continuing in Chapter 5 looking at the electromagnetic scale.  We should be finishing Chapter 5 next week.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

Today and Monday we are conducting a mineral test lab trying to identify various minerals.  We will be taking the Chapter 5 test on Tuesday and beginning Chapter 6.

High School Wellness (DEMOS)

We will continue exercising at the YMCA on the cardio equipment and weight machines. The students are experiencing growth and muscular development. On Fridays, the students have grouped themselves in groups of 3 to research Alcohol.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

We will finish up solving one variable equations with two-step and multistep problems.

Geometry (Thammachack)

We will continue working on our lesson of perimeter.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Thammachack)

We are continuing to practice the order of operations (PEMDAS).

Studio Art (Evans)

Students are working on the frames of their work tables while incorporating their knowledge of basic hand tools.Students are also exploring differents materials and finishes they will apply when the table frames are completed.

Digital Art (Evans)

Students are merging together their presentations,using the “ Key Note” application,for the “SkyDay” video installation.