The Lower School Blog - 10/12/18

The fifth and six grade students learned about different textiles and saw weaving and spinning techniques from our Conner Prairie presenter. 

This was an activity that Mr. Chip does annually with the students to help them learn how to compromise. Each homeroom class works together to choose food and activities they want for a party. Then the whole grade level gets together and the representatives from each homeroom report their preferred choices, and then the grade level again compromises to come up with the final menu and activities for the party.  


This week in PE, the lower school in grades 5-6 will begin to learn about field or ice hockey.
The first Fortune 5-6th grade hockey game ended in a 2-2 draw!! More excitement will come in the next few days.


Sometimes we learn best by teaching others. Today, Ms. Purswell had a stern but kind OG teacher. When she got stuck on a sound, he helped her by giving her the key word object for the letter. Here, he's showing her the "igloo" for /i/. He also encouraged her by letting her know that even teachers make mistakes.