Accommodations to help us along


I have been away from my Fortune family for the last few weeks recuperating from surgery. Today was my first day back. Boy am I ever relieved to be back here running through the halls. I have missed everyone so much.  

 During my time at home I started  thinking about how sometimes we need some accommodations to help us do the things we need to. Like I needed a soft bed to rest on, so I could heal.  Unfortunately, I needed to wear "the cone of shame" to help me not bother my surgery site. On the bright side, though, my owners gave me a lot of special attention. I needed that extra love during my tough time.  

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.34.31 PM.png

 While I had to be accommodated physically, students need to be accommodated in their learning.  Teachers do give them a lot of special attention that is exactly what they need to learn. Such as asking the students specific questions or giving them information  that will help them know exactly what to do. Teachers will not put as many math problems on a page, so there is more room to do the work. Visual supports, anchor charts, graphic organizers and checklists all help students be able to complete a task with confidence. Students also use technology to help them with written expression.  If only I had hands instead of paws so I could write them a letter, or if I could talk and use the speech to text app.  A talking that would be quite the accommodation.  Then I could really get some things done around here.