Tales From Astro: The Planning Pup

When I was sniffing around in the classrooms this week I came across a wonderful tool the students use in school that I think will really help me get things done.  My discovery is called the planner, also known as an agenda. The students use it everyday to write down what they need to do for homework each night.  They can also write down notes about what they need to bring to school like a box for a project or a dog bone for a super cute , cuddly dog they know.  Parents can also use the planner to communicate with the teacher.  They can alert them about upcoming doctor appointments, ask questions about their student, or let the teacher know of a struggle the student might have had by while completing work.  

I think this planner could be a game changer for me.  It could help me stay super organized and plan out how much time I have to get things done.  My agenda might look something like this:  



Writing items down helps the students process what needs to be done and helps them think about how much time they need to set aside to complete the tasks on the list.  It also helps them prioritize and put items in order of importance.   This task really assists them with their executive functioning skills.  And if I get some extra treats and dog bones out of the deal, I would be one happy dog.