Tales from Astro: our school dog

The first week of school was amazing. There's no smell I love better than the beginning of school.   I was so happy to be back with all the students. I am amazed at how well they got back into the school routine again. I enjoy getting attention from them, but when the teacher is talking they kind of ignore me, which I guess is okay. The students have been preparing for the upcoming solar eclipse.  They even made a sun out of cake and licorice to help them understand that the sun has many different layers. They didn't offer me a bite of it, though...I need to train them better that dogs like human treats too.  As part of their earth science unit, the Jr High has been learning the science behind why an eclipse occurs and the different stages of the eclipse. All Lower School students are looking forward to various activities on Monday as we watch this great natural phenomena. I hope they remembered to get a pair of NASA approved glasses that are dog sized.


Yep. We remembered.