Important Information About Solar Eclipse

On August 21st, cities across the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. A solar eclipse is when the sun and moon are aligned in such a way that makes the sun seemingly disappear! Don’t worry though, the sun is still there, it’s just hiding behind the moon. In fact, it’ll be like day turning into night really fast.

Some areas of the US may see a drop in temperatures as much as 25 degrees during the black out! The eclipse will be seen first in Oregon and in less than two hours can be observed in South Carolina. If we are doing our math correctly, that would mean the eclipse would be traveling at 1500 miles per hour! The last time a solar eclipse could be seen across the entire US like this was almost 100 years ago in 1918. 

Source: NASA

Source: NASA

So obviously this is pretty exciting for us, and of course our students want to witness this seemingly once in a lifetime opportunity. But we need your permission, please submit form below. Viewing the solar eclipse can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken. Looking at the sun during certain times can cause damage to eyes, potentially leading to blindness. We will be providing specific instructions to our students to ensure their safety during the event. We will also be providing ISO/NASA approved glasses to every student. If you have purchased viewing glasses on your own, you are free to send your student with them. 

The viewing times are from 12:57pm - 3:48pm on August 21st. This also means that our pickup time will be altered for that day. Students may be picked up at 3:50pm. If your student will not be participating in the solar eclipse viewing, they must be picked up at 12:50pm.

TLDR: We are are excited about the solar eclipse, but we need to take certain precautions. We will provide safety glasses. Fill out permission slip below. Pick up times for the 21st are 3:50pm for students participating in the viewing, 12:50pm for students who are not.