A Sneak Peak At the Week


English II

We will continue reading The Old Man and the Sea and studying vocabulary from the novella.

English IV

We will finish our final wrap up of The Tell-Tale Heart. Final projects are due on Tuesday, October 24.

Digital Arts

We are finishing a yearbook cover project. Students are encouraged to take pictures at home and email them to Ms. Comer if they would like to use their own photography.

Math Lab

We are going to continue working on the importance of budgets.  



Biology and Anatomy/Physiology

In Biology we have been discussion the digestive system and just started the respiratory system in different kinds of animals.  Next week we will finish respiration and begin the circulatory system. The week after Fall Break we will cover the excretory system and take a test on the chapter. A/P is working on a chapter about the skin and membranes. We should be ready for the chapter test the week after Fall Break.


Students in Psychology will be taking their Chapter 11 test about emotions on Tuesday next week.  After Fall Break, we will be starting a chapter on stress!!




Working on our South American Countries population.


Working on Landmark Supreme court cases.

Career/College Planning

Working on a career interest packet.



Pre Calculus

Angles of Elevation/Depression Story Problems

Algebra II

Factoring Polynomials

Algebra I

Cartesian Coordinates


Parallel Lines Cut by Transversal



Communication and Public Speaking

After some fun practice interviews in class last week we are going to go over the dos and don't of interviewing.  The students have started thinking about who they would like to interview and we will begin putting together their list of questions.



LA Lab

We are learning Author’s Purpose.

Studio Arts

We are wrapping up color mixing.



L/A Lab I, II

Both classes took a test on reviewed material as well as the meanings of the new roots we introduced a few weeks before.  We will reintroduce the connectives before moving forward with thesaurus use for synonyms of words from their root decks.  It would be helpful for them to practice drill work with their affix and root decks either during IS or at home (no more than 5-7 minutes at a time is necessary).


English 1

We have completed reading The Old Man & the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  The students are beginning writing their individual Literary Analysis based on our exploration of Characters, Symbolism, and Theme throughout our reading of the book.  Writing and editing methods will be explored.  It is my intention to have this completed before we view the play at the Ft. Harrison theater in mid November, but a thorough finished product is more important than the timeliness of its completion.




Sexual anatomy and physiology, pregnancy fact quiz, sexual response and partnered sex



English 1

Share “The Raven” drawings, View “The Raven” film.

English 3

Finish watching “The Shining”, finish plot outline.

English 4

Start compare and contrast essay for the “Beowulf” film and epic poem.

Visual Arts

Finish painting masks, start design for the Christmas card contest


Finish yearbook cover design, start design for the Christmas card contest.