Next Week Today 12/7/18

ASL 1 (Billingsley) We will be finishing Unit 5 over the next 2 weeks.

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)- We will continuing working on point-slope form, and begin graphing perpendicular lines.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)-  We will continue working on squares and cubes.
Geometry (Ahearn)- We will be working on our Performance Based Learning Project, Presentations will be Thursday afternoon. Guest Speaker- Brent Barnhisel of Indy Rhino Sports checking out blueprints to find area


Pre Calculus (Ahearn) - We will be continuing working on trig identities.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)-  We will be finishing our lesson over factor the difference of two squares.

English 1 (Dickison) - We will be continuing to work on our persuasive paper and learning how to write an effective conclusion. We will also continue our reading of The Sword in the Stone.

Geography - (O’Donnell) We will be continuing our lesson on the 5 Themes of Geography by applying those themes to countries in South America.  

U.S. History (O’Donnell) - We will finish our Unit on the Mexican American War with a Quiz on Tuesday of Next week, then continue on the road to the Civil War.  

English II - (Kemper) - We are finishing up The Crucible and moving onto a short story by Mark Twain entitled The Invalid.

English III (Kemper) - Period 5 is starting Of Mice and Men and Period 6 is finishing up In Cold Blood.

English I (Sheehy)  We are reading the 3rd book of “The Once and Future King.”  (The Ill-made Knight)

This past week We began character reviews (to be continued next week).  Our writing assignment will include a choice of comparing characters or writing a “resume” for Lancelot after being “fired” for behavior unbecoming of a Knight of the Roundtable.

OG classes (Sheehy) include a continuation with affixes and roots as well as reviewing syllable division rules.

English 4 (Carroll)

We are practicing notating the most important details of a text and activating prior knowledge independently.

American Government (Carroll)

We are working on research presentations.

Studio Arts (Carroll)

We are writing and illustrating shorts stories.  

Earth Science (Tulbert)

Students finished a group research project on the Earth’s past today.  Starting Monday, we will be reviewing for the exam (10th graders) or the cumulative test (any other student).  Students should come to class Monday with all their tests from this semester. We will narrow down the information for the exam/test and begin studying.  Exam in Dec 20th, and cumulative test is Dec 17th. If students are missing any tests, I’ll give them blank tests for them to fill in on their own time.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

Students are finishing the first part of Chapter 8 on covalent bonds.  We will have a test on part 1 Monday. Starting Monday, we will be reviewing for the cumulative test.  Students should come to class Monday with all their tests from this semester. We will narrow down the information for the exam/test and begin studying.  The cumulative test is Dec 17th. If students are missing any tests, I’ll give them blank tests for them to fill in on their own time.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

We will be continuing to work on the slope-intercept formula and plotting/graphing positive and negative slopes, as well as taking a look at undefined slopes and zero slopes.

Geometry (Thammachack)

We will continue to work our performance-based learning project on hypothetically constructing a new gym floor. They have been/will be utilizing their skills of area and measure the gym floor, calculating costs per square feet, and creating a total budget. The students will be presenting their projects on Thursday, Dec. 13.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Thammachack)


We have been working on solving the unknown variable with addition and subtraction. We will continue to work on solving the unknown variable through the one-step approach and move on to multiplication and division.


2nd-4th grade concluded their unit on bats this week. They've had a great time discovering all the intriguing things bats do. Some highlights from our unit: 

- Students used their "echolocation" skills to locate a ringing phone.

- Students sampled several items that bats eat. 

- Students learned about White Nose Syndrome. They participated in a simulation of bats eating mosquitoes, with some "dying" from the syndrome. They learned that bats are important to us because they help keep insect populations under control.

- Students learned about the bat life cycle and how mother bats find their babies by smelling. In the pictures below, they are trying to find the cotton ball that matches a smell they are giving. We learned that it must be very difficult for mother bats to find their babies!

Next Week Today 11/30/18

Algebra 1 (Ahearn) - We will continue working on graphing lines, finding slope, converting between standard and slope intercept forms of lines.  We will add in point slope form and graphing lines that are perpendicular to a line.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn) - We will review imaginary numbers and complex numbers.  We will be preparing for a test over that concept.

Geometry (Ahearn) - We will begin our Project Based Learning Assessment with a focus on Area, this will take place over the next two weeks and end with a presentation date TBA.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn) - We will be starting a new lesson on co-functions and negative angle relationships.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn) - We will be doing a mini lesson over square roots, and then starting our next lesson on factoring using the difference of two squares.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack) - We are continuing to plot coordinate points and using story problems to draw a line. We will have a quiz on Tuesday. We will then move on to slope-intercept.

Geometry (Thammachack) - We will start our Project Based Learning Assessment that focuses on area. This will take place over the next two weeks and end with a presentation date TBA.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Thammachack) - We are continuing to work on solving for the unknown variable using one-step equations.

Speech and Communication (Dust) - We are discussing the two way oral communication system, and focusing on all the interruptions that can prevent the sender’s message from being received. We will build a graph displaying barriers to communication, and then a graph showcasing effective communication strategies.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

We are finishing our energy audit today and will be starting something new Monday--we will begin our study of space. We will start with our solar system and planets.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

We finished a chapter on ionic and metallic bonding this week and have just started talking about covalent bonds.  We will continue working on covalent bonds and get a few experiments done next week.

Studio Art (Evans)

Students have finished their work tables!!! Next week, students will finish their explorations of the early 20th century art movement, Cubism.

Digital Art (Evans)

Student designers have finished their yearbook Covers for the student body to vote on which

best represents Fortune for the year 2018-19. Next week, our young designers will complete their own personal cover art for display.  

Geography (O’Donnell)

We have finished our quipu adventure.  This week we will be pursuing the continent of South America, including focusing one one particular country per student.

U.S. History (O’Donnell)

We will finish our notes/timeline/powerpoint on the Mexican American war and take the quiz on Thursday. Friday we will focus on Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry.

Going The Distance

Welcome back, Fortune Family!

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and a wonderful break! Yesterday was a very peaceful and productive day in our classroom. Our STEM challenge was to build a paper airplane that could fly the furthest. The students designed some incredible airplanes - I was very impressed! In fact, several hit the far wall of the science lab during flight.

Hopefully the students have begun to think about the Cereal Box Book Report project. In class, we are reading Sophia's War: A Tale of the Revolution. The students are welcome to do their book report on this book. We are continuing to learn about the Revolutionary War. This week we will be working with the History Atlas to understand the geography of the war. Students will also be watching videos during Social Studies to give them a clearer picture of the historic times when our country gained her independence.

In science, we are exploring the properties of different rocks and minerals. Today, Sadie and Wyatt discovered that they could write with graphite. :) The students are doing well following their individual work plans in class.

Mrs. Sellhorn

Blood, Bones and a Fulfilling Career Day

Blood, Bones and a Fulfilling Career Day

Mr. Ritter kicked off this year’s parent-led presentations. He talked about orthopedic surgery and the instruments that are used during surgery. He also talked about the various types of implants and other methods for fixing fractured or displaces bones and joints. But like everything we do, OF COURSE the students got hands on experience checking out real life instruments and tools.

Next Week Today 10/15/18

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work on distributive property.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work on radicals and operations with radicals.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We are going to finish up our lesson on pairs of angles.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We are finishing our lesson on trig functions on the calculator.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)

We will be continuing to work with polynomials, after focusing on building them and adding them we will start learning how to multiply them.


English 1 (Dickison)

We finished up reading Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”. Next week, we will read Poe’s poem “Annabel Lee” and continue to work on our spoooooky story.

Studio Arts (Carroll)

We are starting a unit on Salvador Dali.

Government (Carroll)

We are starting our human rights projects. We’re starting out by learning how to research, and take notes so that they information we find during our research isn’t plagiarized.  

English 4 (Carroll)

We are starting a series of 3 essays. We are practicing taking our time with each step of the writing process, developing skills to ensure that we comprehend the prompt/ instructions, and using the resources we have in order to ensure that our writing makes sense in the end.

Theater Arts: (Pappas) We will be going on a Study Trip to see a Heartland Film Festival Movie entitled “Film School Africa” about a filmmaker who started a Film School in South Africa.

U.S. History - Mr. O’Donnell

We will wrap up our unit on the Revolutionary war, looking to take the exam on Wednesday.

Geography - Mr. O’Donnell

We have these three days to work on the map of Guilder.  Using clues from the movie we will create a map from the movie “The Princess Bride”  

English I - Mrs. Sheehy

We finished writing our additional adventure to add to the Walter Mitty short story using the P.O.W.E.R. plan for writing.  I am very well pleased both by the student’s efforts and their finished products. After reading/listening to “The Raven,” by Edgar Allan Poe, the students were required to answer six questions in complete sentences.  Next week, they will turn them into a paragraph.

“Annabelle Lee” and “Sleepy Hollow” are next on the list for macabre literature to discover. OG Fridays continued with a review of Open, Closed, and VCe syllable types and an introduction to the R-controlled vowels: er, or, ar. For extra credit, I have asked my Eng I students to write a thank you letter to a member of our military.  It is due Monday to give extra time for editing purposes. Mrs. Coles is collecting these through Wed, Oct 17th.

High School OG

We are moving into the more common affixes and roots while continuously circling back to syllable types, syllable division rules, spelling rules, and a review of vowel teams. The students are enjoying the book, “Under a War-Torn Sky.”

Chemistry (Tulbert)

We will be continuing in Chapter 5 looking at the electromagnetic scale.  We should be finishing Chapter 5 next week.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

Today and Monday we are conducting a mineral test lab trying to identify various minerals.  We will be taking the Chapter 5 test on Tuesday and beginning Chapter 6.

High School Wellness (DEMOS)

We will continue exercising at the YMCA on the cardio equipment and weight machines. The students are experiencing growth and muscular development. On Fridays, the students have grouped themselves in groups of 3 to research Alcohol.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

We will finish up solving one variable equations with two-step and multistep problems.

Geometry (Thammachack)

We will continue working on our lesson of perimeter.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Thammachack)

We are continuing to practice the order of operations (PEMDAS).

Studio Art (Evans)

Students are working on the frames of their work tables while incorporating their knowledge of basic hand tools.Students are also exploring differents materials and finishes they will apply when the table frames are completed.

Digital Art (Evans)

Students are merging together their presentations,using the “ Key Note” application,for the “SkyDay” video installation.

Next Week Today 10/8/18

ASL 1 (Billingsley)

We just started working in unit 4,Family and relationship signs!! Hopefully we will be signing God Bless America next Friday during family meeting!! Look for the video in Google Classroom. Keep up the hard work.:))))

Algebra 1 (Ahearn)

We are finishing our lesson on One Variable equations, we will take a quiz on Tuesday.  Then we will be starting a new lesson on distributive property.

Algebra 2 (Ahearn)

We just started a lesson on radicals and will continue working on that through next week.

Geometry (Ahearn)

We just started our lesson on pairs of angles and will continue working on that through next week.

Pre Calculus (Ahearn)

We just finished a lesson on interpreting the trig table to solve for missing sides of triangles, Starting next week we will do this same task only we will be working on understanding the functions on the calculator to solve.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 2 (Ahearn)

We just finished our lesson on the laws of exponents and we will be starting our new lesson over addition and multiplication of polynomials.

English 1 (Dickison)

We are continuing with our unit on Edgar Allan Poe. We will begin next week with reading The Raven and studying the vocabulary in the poem Annabel Lee.

Earth Science (Tulbert)

This week we finished Chapter 4 on atoms and the periodic table.  The classes reviewed what they were learning with an Escape room,activity that was lots of fun (and problem solving).  Next week we are working on Earth Minerals in Chapter 5. We will be identifying different types of minerals by testing them.

Chemistry (Tulbert)

This week we finished our chapter 4 on the periodic table. The classes reviewed what they were learning with an Escape room activity that was lots of fun (and problem solving).  Next week we are working on atomic structure and electron configurations (chapter 5). We will be constructing an atom and students will be assigned an Atomic Hero/Villian project.

Theater Art (Pappas)

We are continuing our Short Film Project this week by creating a Vision Board and a Storyboard to create a visual “map” to guide us as we create our film as a work of art (see examples below). This weekend students will be shooting their film so next week we can EDIT in iMovie and finish by Thursday.

Digital Art (Evans)

This week,students continued work on the “Sky Day” project, logos for the Fortune Recycling team,and explored Font making.

Studio Art (Evans)

Students were introduced to basic hand tools during their building activities.Students will use these skills towards their work-table projects.

Algebra 1 (Thammachack)

Students will continue to practice two-step and multistep equations to solve an unknown variable.

Geometry (Thammachack)

We will complete the lesson on transversals and continue to perimeter.

Paced Algebra 1 Year 1 (Thammachack)

We will continue with Order of Operations (PEMDAS) and start working with absolute value.


American History (O’Donnell)

We will continue with preparing for the exam on the Revolutionary War.  In addition we well be continuing our Presidential PowerPoint

Geography (O’Donnell)

We are wrapping the the United States and we will be beginning our cartography assignment based on the movie The Princess Bride.