Chalk It Up!


It is a well documented fact that children learn better with information is provided across more than one of their senses (touch, taste, vision, hearing, balance).  There are many inexpensive multi-sensory experiences you can use at home to work on learning to write letters and/or learning to spell.

  • Put some shaving cream on a cooking sheet with raised sides.  Let the child “write” a letter with their finger, then “erase” with their hand and start over.  If you have a child that still puts fingers in their mouth, this may be better done with something edible like whipped cream or pudding.

  • Practice making letters with pipe cleaners or “wiki-stix”.  These bendable items are perfect for early letter making.

  • Practicing writing letters outside on a driveway or sidewalk with wide “sidewalk chalk” is a great multisensory experience.

  • Fill a small bucket with water and get a large paintbrush.  Let your child “paint” letters on a driveway, sidewalk, or even the side of a building.

  • Get a set of letter stencils and cut letters out of coarse sandpaper.  Let your child trace their finger over these letters to help learn their shapes.

Performance Based Learning and Conner Prairie


Today was an exciting day as Fortune administrators meet with Rich Cooper, Vice President & Chief Programs Officer for Conner Prairie. Increasing opportunities for performance based learning for our students while making connections within our community has lead us to a new and wonderful collaboration with Conner Prairie for this coming year. We look forward to the new doors that have been opened and the wonderful learning that will take place within the doors of Fortune and on the grounds of the Prairie!

Baseball, BBQ and Blogging!


Summertime fun is filled with baseball, barbecues, bicycles, and the beach! We also know that the summer break can cause a regression in reading and writing skills. Fortune Academy is launching an exciting way to engage our  students this summer.

  Have they read a great book? They can write about it!

 Traveled to a museum? They can write about it!

 Watched a new movie? They can write about it!

 Attended a camp? They can write about it!

 Get the idea?! We would love for  them to write about that they learned, read, or watched!  They can then enter their writings to be published in the Fortune Student Blog on our website!     We will have special awards for those students who are published on the website when school resumes in August. 

Here is how it works: 

Enjoy your summer and share with your child this summer experience!

With your help, students submit their written work as often as they wish to

With your help, visit our website often to see if their work is published on the Student Blog! 

The Student Blog will begin June 7th!

Coming Up This Week in High School


Students will be learning about genetic mutations (Chapter 13). And Human aHereditu (chapter 14).  This is our last chapter for the year. After we finish chapter 14, we will be studying for the exam.  Next week we will also start a lab where students wipe areas in the school to see what is on them. We will grow cultures in petrie dishes, and thes see what happens when we drop in hand sanitizer on the growth.


Anatomy and Physiology--Tulbert

Students will be starting Chapter 8 on the Endocrine System.  This is our last chapter for the year. After we finish this chapter, we will be studying for the exam.

Independent Biology--Tulbert

Student will Finish Chapter 13 )Mendelian Genetics) and take a test.



Students will be completing Chapter 26 on Abnormal Psychology, and taking a test on that chapter.


LA Lab I- Carroll

We will continue working on our Vocabulary Board Game. We’re wrapping up the rules, and starting the creative process.


English II- Carroll

We will continue practicing vocabulary strategies, using text evidence to help us comprehend a text, and activating prior knowledge before we start reading a text. We are developing our skills for having effective group discussions, and practicing giving kind, constructive feedback to peers.


LA Lab

We will be practicing to effective note while we read texts.


Studio Arts

We are wrapping up our fabric bowls, and starting personal fabric arts projects.


Students will continue to learn about contraception.  Students need to bring binders to every class. We will also begin learning about PSAs and discuss steps for creating our own PSA based on topics learned this semester.

Geography - O’Donnell

Students will continue their unit on the islands of Oceania.  Students need to bring their notes to class everyday to research different aspects of their country.  

Economics - O’Donnell

Students will continue their Senior Thesis for Economics answering essential questions about the real nature of either the new tax plan or the new tariffs.  

College/Career Planning - O’Donnell

Students are working on part two of their Career Planning Workbook.


Coming Up in High School

Eng I - Sheehy
We are reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” alongside a long list of vocabulary.  We discussed “anachronism” in literature and the students are considering a topic that they could write about with an anachronistic theme.




Eng IV - Sheehy
We are listening to the audiobook of “The Illustrated Man” and watching parts of it from the movie.  Along with discussion, the students will begin writing their own version of “The Last Day of the World.”



Language Arts I & II - Sheehy
We are in the middle of the Editing, Revising, & Rewriting stages of our opinion papers on School Shootings and Gun Control.  Upon completion, we will develop a form to fill out to be our own film critics to use while watching one or more of the following movies:  “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Greatest Showman,” “Remember the Titans,” or “Facing the Giants.”



Pre Calculus - Ahearn
Working on Logarithms


Algebra 2- Ahearn
We are finishing up our lesson on Mixture Story Problems


Algebra 1- Ahearn
Factoring Polynomials


Paced Algebra -Ahearn
Solving Systems of equations by graphing with equation conversions


Geometry- Ahearn
Introducing SAS and SSS Triangle Proofs


We will finish Chapter 12 on DNA, have a chapter test, and start Chapter 14 on Heredity.


Anatomy and Physiology--Tulbert
We sill finish Chapter 10 on the Blood. Have a chapter test, and start the chap[ter on the Endocrine system.


Independent Biology--Tulbert
We will have the Chapter 9 test Monday and start Chapter 13.


We will have the Chapter 28 test in 2 parts the first part of the week.  We will then organize notebooks and gather test materials from the whole semester.


Speech and Communication - Dust
The date has been set!

**LIVE **From the Theatre at the Fort

Y.O.L.O Talks May 17th from 1:00-3:00.  

Currently this is a closed event, but as the draws closer and our speakers become more comfortable with their individual messages, invitations may be extended. Video production of each talk will be available post performance.

Next week we begin practicing our Talks. Saying ‘um’, pacing back and forth, turning away from the audience - these are just a few bad habits we pick up when we’re standing in front of a room. This week we will begin to practice and work to become more comfortable and begin building a connection with the audience.

Geography - O’Donnell
We are currently working on a Human Geography project involving the islands (and “garbage island”) on Oceania.  We are looking at birth rates, mortality rates, human distribution and land capacity to just the health and viability of the islands.



Economics - O’Donnell
We are currently engaged in our “Senior Thesis” in Econ.  Students had their choice to cover either the recent tax plan or the recent proposed tariffs.  We are are engaged in step one of the project, which is finding at least two unbiased reports defining what these things are.  We will them build on that to look at each partisan view of the subject.


College/Career Planning - O’Donnell
We are working on a Career planning workbook.  

We just finished up our study of reproduction and will begin studying contraception.



Digital Arts - Casey
We have concluded our section on music production and will be sliding into movie making this week.

Get, Give, and Get Again

Our crack team of scientists have been working 'round the clock, tirelessly compiling data to come up with a graphical analysis of various activities and their relation to happiness. We are honored and very proud to share their findings.  

Do Good Chart.jpg

Did you know that when you donate through the scholarship granting organization (SGO) Sagamore you can receive 50% of the amount of the donation back as a state tax credit and can take a federal deduction on the gift as well? That's pretty great, right? 

So during this tax season, what better way to use your return than to give to our school in a meaningful way, make a tangible difference in the lives of our students, and THEN on top of all of that goodness, next year, you'll get back a good portion of what you gave. 

For more information on how this all works, check out the Sagamore website by clicking the image below. 



Coming Up This Week in High School

English II-Comer

We are watching the The Great Gatsby and have started our comparison of the two movies. Students are watching to decide who was the better Gatsby and Daisy.  They are also writing about which movie was a better portrayal of the novel.


English IV-Comer

We are working on our poetry analysis and writing summaries about the poem we chose from Dead Poets Society. Essays are due Friday, March 16.


Digital Arts-Comer  

Students working on creating their very own album label.


Math Lab-Comer

We will be learning about probability in class. On Thursday we will be putting our bowling score keeping knowledge to work at Woodland Bowl!


L/A Lab I & II - Sheehy

We continue to label and diagram sentences which now include Direct Objects.  Next week, we will discover how to diagram compound subjects. Thursday will be test day.  If your student will NOT be here next Thursday (March 22), they need to make arrangements with me to take their test early.


Eng I- Sheehy

Upon completion of watching West Side Story and comparing it to Romeo & Juliet, we began our focus on the American Short Story with a reading of James Thurber’s “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”  We will be reading from F.Scott Fitzgerald, Ray Bradbury, and the student’s will be choosing their own short story to read and choose a special project as a form of book report.



Students are working in Chapter 11 on Heredity.  We are using the text information to have them practice taking notes on their own from the book.  We will have a quiz next week on the first part of Chapter 11


Anatomy and Physiology--Tulbert

Students are working in Chapter 12 about the Lymphatic and Immune Systems.  We are using the text information to have them practice taking notes on their own from the book.  We will have a quiz next week on the first part of Chapter 12.


Independent Bioogy--Tulbert

Student is finishing Chapter 6 about Bacterias and will have test the beginning of next week.  We will be selecting our next chapter together.



Students are working on an independent research project. That will be due on Monday.


Speech and Communication - Dust

Launching into Exploration #5- Mastering the Story Arc - Beginning - Middle -End

As a class we are watching examples of TED speakers and discussing the ‘tools’ used by each speaker  

  • great openings

  • great methods for sustaining an audience

  • great closings (e.g.: “Aha!” moments, props, passionate one-liners)

and discussing how they could potentially use these tools in their TED style talk. We are also of course practicing public speaking.  The students will be talking about their ideas for a beginning, middle and end, in small groups and then with the entire class.




We are researching patterns in messages about sexuality.  We are looking at print media, music videos, and advertising and discussing how these messages shape our thoughts and behaviors.


Coming Up This Week in High School

English II-Comer

The Great Gatsby final projects were turned in on Friday!  Now we’ll begin our comparison of the two movie versions.


English IV-Comer

We are working on our poetry analysis and writing summaries about the poem we chose from Dead Poets Society. Essays are due Friday, March 16.


Digital Arts-Comer  

Some students are finishing their self portraits.  Others are working on creating their very own album label.



Math Lab-Comer

We’ll be studying how to find the average of different sets of addends.


Biology - Tulbert

Students are taking their Chapter 10 test today (Thursday) on Cell Division and we will start Chapter 11 on Heredity Monday.  Today is the Fermentation Buffet--it will be interesting to see who tries what!!


Anatomy and Physiology -- Tulbert

Students are taking their Chapter 6 test today (Thursday) on the Nervous System and we will start a new chapter on Monday.  I’m going to let the students decide which body system we study next.


Independent Biology - Tulbert

The students finished Chapter 5 on Cell biology and are working on Chapter 6 on Bacterial biology.


Psychology - Tulbert

Students completed Chapter 24 on Self Awareness and will be working on an individual research projects for the next week.


Health-We are wrapping up the end of our mental disorders unit and will begin unit on intimate relationships.  Students will take pretest, set up binders, and complete an inventory of topics they are interested in learning more about.

Eng I -  (K. Sheehy) We begin the new quarter studying the American Short Story.  As a class, we will read 2 or 3 short stories (I am still deliberating which ones) and each student will choose their own short story to read and choose a special project due at the end of the quarter from which they will make a presentation to the class.  Writing skills will be explored and developed during this quarter.


L/A Lab I & II - We continue using our labeling and diagramming skills to determine the parts of speech and each word’s function within a sentence.  This week, students will write, label, and diagram their own sentences using words from their Latin roots vocabulary development from last quarter.


Speech and Communication (Dust) - We will review our framed ideas and storytelling outlines. Share our road maps with the class.  And if that wasn’t enough; we are going to begin discussing the importance of a good introduction. What does it look like? Are there certain techniques or strategies that seem to catch their attention more than others? Then they are going to take those ‘hooking’ strategies and apply them to the introductions of their own TED Ed Talks.


Pre Calculus-Ahearn

We will be continuing to work on Vectors.


Algebra 2- Ahearn

We are finishing our unit on Motion story problems and we will begin Review 4 types of graphs: Lines, circles, parabolas and hyperbolas


Algebra 1- Ahearn

We just finished up our Systems of Equations unit and will be starting applying those skills through story problems involving coins.



We just took our quiz over surface area and will be starting a new lesson on radicals.



Geography- O’Donnell

The start of a new nine weeks and it will get a little more challenging.  First, we will start with the countries of the Middle East, but we will also be working on the concept of the Five Themes of Geography.  


Economics - O’Donnell

We are going to finish our unit on the Law of Supply, and start to delve into the stock market and pricing.  


Career/College Planning - O’Donnell

We are going to take a couple of career surveys to begin looking at what kind of direction we want to head towards after high school.


That's a Wrap!

Congratulations to our students in their final performance of Jack and the Beanstalk, a Fortune Academy retelling of an age old tale. The cast and crew delivered a fun filled adventure climbing to new heights and learning the power of persistence. A special thank you to all who were involved in making this production happen. It was truly extraordinary and one not soon forgotten. 

Coming Up This Week in High School

English II-Comer

We have finished The Great Gatsby and have started working on final projects that are due on Friday, March 9.  Everyone is working on an independent project.  They will have class time to work but they should be working at home each night on their projects.


English IV-Comer

We’ll be finishing reading the poetry from Dead Poets Society.  We are reading and discussing “Ulysses” by Tennyson, “Sonnet 18: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day” by Shakespeare, “She Walks in Beauty” by Byron and Whitman’s “O Captain! My Captain!”


Digital Arts-Comer  

We are working on our self-portrait painting on Pixelmator.



Math Lab-Comer

We have been learning how to keep score when we bowl.  We are hoping to plan a field trip to practice our scorekeeping skills.  


Geography - O’Donnell

FInishing our unit on Europe.  There will be an exam late next week to cap the unit.


Economics - O’Donnell

We are focusing on the Law of Supply.  We finished the Law of Demand this week, and we will be contrasting it with the Law of Supply and studying how these two theories work together.


Career/College Planning - O’Donnell

We are focusing on budgets, specifically how much one would need to make to live on their own.  We are going through local apartments, factoring utilities, food, and other expenses….. And then figuring out how much money one would need to make in order to meet that budget.  


Speech and Communication - Dust

Now that we have shared our BIG ideas, we are going to begin framing our talks. This week the class will launch into Exploration 4. The students will learn about story mapping and learning how to create a story arch. Consider how they want to start, fill in details and complete their talks. This is where they really roll up their sleeves and dig into the purpose of the message.


Biology - Tulbert

We are working on Chapter 10 about cell division, which we will finish next week.  Chapter 10 test will be Thursday--students should be studying!!!  We are also getting all our goodies fermenting in preparation for our buffet Thursday afternoon.


Anatomy and Physiology - Tulbert

We are finishing Chapter 6 on the nervous system and will have a test on it Thursday next week--Students should all be studying!!!  


Independent Biology - Tulbert

We finished Chapter 6 and will be starting Chapter 7 next week.


Psychology - Tulbert

Students completed Chapter 21 on states of consciousness, will have there test on Tuesday next week.   They will then start a project about a topic from the last several chapters.


Eng I -

We will finish the quarter by completing our Romeo & Juliet theme.  We finished watching the movie version today and will complete our reading through of the play on Monday.  They have a test on Tuesday on Acts 4 & 5 (they should be studying their Quizlet that was posted on Google Classroom).  On Wednesday they will make their oral presentations to the class of their special projects (Mrs. Simon and Mrs. Dust are doing their best to be present for this).  Beginning Thursday we will watch “Westside Story,” the musical modern version of “Romeo & Juliet.”  Next quarter will begin an exploration of the American short story.


L/A Lab I & II -

We have completed our review of some the most common roots and they all did well on their final test this week. We had an (ungraded) assessment of their knowledge (and for some, their memory of) the grammatical parts of speech. We are going to delve into sentence labeling and diagramming as a way to develop our writing skills.  By using the vocabulary that they have been introduced to this quarter, they will be incorporating it into their writing lessons.



We are wrapping up Ch. 4 on Mental Disorders.  Students will read and discuss the treatment options for various mental disorders, review all four sections, then take exam.  We will introduce next topic: Intimate relationships.


Order Your Yearbook

Order Your Yearbook Today!

UPDATED: Yearbook orders are no longer being taken. 

We can't believe how fast this year is going by, and its been an action packed year too! So many memories, so much awesomeness. Be sure to order your copy of our student-created yearbook to commemorate the 2017-2018 school year.  

Single softcover yearbook is $37 or you could upgrade to a hardcover for just $5 more. 

Orders are due by March 5th. 

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Congratulations to Enrique for winning our yearbook cover contest. Our students have voted and your design will be featured on the cover of the 2017-2018 Fortune Academy yearbook! Great job!

Enrique Yearbook .jpg

Calling All Middle School Parents!

Do you have a student about to enter high school? You're invited to attend our High School Information Night with Holly Simon. Come learn about what our high school has to offer including different diploma tracks, the support you'll receive, and so much more. Mark your calendar for January 30th, at 6:30 pm to be here at the school for the event. 

We hope to see you there! 

2017: A Year in Review

A Year in Review: 2017 

Wow! This time last year, we were saying that 2017 was going to be our best year yet.  Here we are in December, and well... we told you so. Our school has seen such amazing progress and growth as a result of the hard work and dedication from our staff, volunteers and wonderful families who support us. So as we look forward to many great things we have planned for 2018, we thought we'd take some time to reflect on the many awesome things that made this past year our best. This feature will be updated daily through December, so be sure to check back! 

1. Award Winning Artist.

We begin by celebrating one of students, Oscar, who took home the 1st place award in the “Inspired by Audubon” art contest at the Indiana Art Museum. 

dyslexia art dyslexic oscar add adhd indianapolis school museum best award first.jpg

2. Record Setting Fundraiser.

We changed up the look and feel of our spring fundraiser with the Ruby Event. It was our highest grossing event and we were able to fund our technology expansion and then some.


3. We Got A New Website.

We completely overhauled our website! We hope you love using it as much as we do!

built a new website.jpg

4.We graduated our largest class from high school.

13 seniors received their diploma from Fortune High School, our largest class yet! 


5. We went viral.

We went all out during Dyslexia Awareness Month and our educational videos alone reached over 220,000 people worldwide on every continent except Antarctica.

we went viral.jpg

6. Two great new administrators.

Holly Simon and Vanessa Coles became division heads for our High School and Lower School.


7. Award Winning Head of School.

Janet George was awarded the Ball State 2017 Indiana Women of Achievement Award. This award recognize Indiana women who enrich the lives of others through outstanding accomplishments in a variety of fields. Thank you Mrs. George for your outstanding leadership and vision at Fortune Academy.


8. We’re offering even more.

This year we’ve partnered with Indy-based Rewired Rehabilitation to offer OT/PT services with our students.


9. Award Winning Filmmaker in the Making.

One of our students, Kate, won best screenplay for a film at the Phantoscope Film Festival in Richmond, Indiana.


10. Award Winning Teacher. 

Dr. Beth Tulbert was the 2017 recipient of the Amy Forshey Memorial Excellence in Education Award granted by the Learning Disabilities Association of Indiana. 


11. A Scout's Honor.

One of our students, Conner, completed his Eagle Scout Project by building beautiful adirondack chairs painted in Fortune green and white.


12. Record Setting Community Events.

2017 was our biggest year in attendance of our free community events.

community events.jpg

The Wisdom of Time

The Wisdom of Time

Every single parent raising a child with learning differences travel through the maze of educational evaluations, difficult conversations, and tough times. It is also true that each parent operates at different stages of understanding and acceptance. No path is the same. 

Having traveled the maze years ago, there truly is hope and good that comes from these difficulties. Resilience, perseverance, and a deeper love than you ever knew you had will shine through. The wisdom of time is a gift! Let's be thankful for the gift of time.   

Yours for Fortune, 
Janet George

A Sneak Peak At the Week


English II

We will continue reading The Old Man and the Sea and studying vocabulary from the novella.

English IV

We will finish our final wrap up of The Tell-Tale Heart. Final projects are due on Tuesday, October 24.

Digital Arts

We are finishing a yearbook cover project. Students are encouraged to take pictures at home and email them to Ms. Comer if they would like to use their own photography.

Math Lab

We are going to continue working on the importance of budgets.  



Biology and Anatomy/Physiology

In Biology we have been discussion the digestive system and just started the respiratory system in different kinds of animals.  Next week we will finish respiration and begin the circulatory system. The week after Fall Break we will cover the excretory system and take a test on the chapter. A/P is working on a chapter about the skin and membranes. We should be ready for the chapter test the week after Fall Break.


Students in Psychology will be taking their Chapter 11 test about emotions on Tuesday next week.  After Fall Break, we will be starting a chapter on stress!!




Working on our South American Countries population.


Working on Landmark Supreme court cases.

Career/College Planning

Working on a career interest packet.



Pre Calculus

Angles of Elevation/Depression Story Problems

Algebra II

Factoring Polynomials

Algebra I

Cartesian Coordinates


Parallel Lines Cut by Transversal



Communication and Public Speaking

After some fun practice interviews in class last week we are going to go over the dos and don't of interviewing.  The students have started thinking about who they would like to interview and we will begin putting together their list of questions.



LA Lab

We are learning Author’s Purpose.

Studio Arts

We are wrapping up color mixing.



L/A Lab I, II

Both classes took a test on reviewed material as well as the meanings of the new roots we introduced a few weeks before.  We will reintroduce the connectives before moving forward with thesaurus use for synonyms of words from their root decks.  It would be helpful for them to practice drill work with their affix and root decks either during IS or at home (no more than 5-7 minutes at a time is necessary).


English 1

We have completed reading The Old Man & the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  The students are beginning writing their individual Literary Analysis based on our exploration of Characters, Symbolism, and Theme throughout our reading of the book.  Writing and editing methods will be explored.  It is my intention to have this completed before we view the play at the Ft. Harrison theater in mid November, but a thorough finished product is more important than the timeliness of its completion.




Sexual anatomy and physiology, pregnancy fact quiz, sexual response and partnered sex



English 1

Share “The Raven” drawings, View “The Raven” film.

English 3

Finish watching “The Shining”, finish plot outline.

English 4

Start compare and contrast essay for the “Beowulf” film and epic poem.

Visual Arts

Finish painting masks, start design for the Christmas card contest


Finish yearbook cover design, start design for the Christmas card contest.