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Our Acceptable Use and Safety Policy is listed below for your convenience. 




Fortune Academy recognizes that access to technology in schools gives users greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate, and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life, and digital citizenship. To that end, we provide the privilege of access to various technologies for staff and student use. 

In general, acceptable use means respecting the rights of other computer users, the integrity of the physical facilities and all pertinent license and contractual agreements. If an individual is found to be in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy, the school will take disciplinary action, including the restriction and possible loss of network and user account privileges. Violations could result in more serious consequences as outlined in staff and student handbooks, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the school or termination. These policies and laws are subject to change as state and federal laws develop and change.

This document establishes specific requirements for the use of all computing and network resources at Fortune Academy.


Scope of Policy

This policy applies to all staff members, enrolled students, guests, and external individuals accessing Fortune Academy technology resources. 

Technology resources include all owned, licensed, or managed hardware and software, and use of the school network via a physical or wireless connection, regardless of the ownership of the computer or device connected to the network, or on school grounds connected to a third party wireless provider.

These guidelines and expectations do not attempt to describe every possible acceptable or prohibited activity. Fortune Academy reserves the right to treat, as violations, or prevent the use of activities or applications, that may not be specifically mentioned in this document but run counter its educational mission, curriculum, instructional goals, and/or the values of the school. 

Users are responsible for knowing the regulations and policies of the school that apply to appropriate use of the school's technologies and resources. Users are responsible for exercising good judgment in the use of the school's technological and information resources. Just because an action is technically possible does not mean that it is appropriate to perform that action.


General Acceptable Use

All technologies provided by the school are intended for educational purposes which support the staff and students’ professional, instructional and extracurricular activities. While at school, use of devices and network resources shall be used to support these activities unless explicitly authorized by the Headmaster, Director of Educational Technology, or other building administrators.


    •    You may not use the school’s technology platform to make derogatory, inflammatory, or inappropriate statements toward any member of the Fortune Academy community or community at large.

    •    You may not use another individual's account, or attempt to capture or guess other users' passwords, or share your password with other users.

    •    You may use only the computers, computer accounts, and computer files for which you have authorization.

    •    The school is bound by its contractual and license agreements respecting certain third party resources; you are expected to comply with all such agreements when using such resources.

    •    You must not attempt to access restricted portions of the network, operating systems, security software or other administrative applications without appropriate authorization by the Director of Educational Technology, Headmaster, or other building administrators.

    •    You must not use Fortune Academy computing and/or network resources in conjunction with the execution of programs, software, processes, or automated commands that are intended to disrupt (or that could reasonably be expected to disrupt) other computer or network users, or damage or degrade performance, software or hardware components of a system.

    •    On Fortune Academy network and/or computing systems, do not use tools that are normally used to attack computer systems or networks or bypass network security and content filters. (e.g., password 'crackers,' vulnerability scanners, network sniffers, VPN apps or browser extensions, etc.) unless you have been specifically authorized to do so by the Director of Educational Technology

    •    You must comply with all specific policies and instructions from direct supervisors or, in the case of students, all faculty and staff.

    •    Users of the school network or other technologies are expected to alert the Director of Educational Technology immediately of any concerns for safety or security.


Fair Share of Resources

The Fortune Academy Technology Department expects to maintain an acceptable level of computing and network performance and must assure that frivolous, excessive, or inappropriate use of the resources by one person or a few people does not degrade performance for others. Technology resources are shared widely and are limited, requiring that resources be utilized with consideration for others who also use them. Therefore, the use of any automated processes to gain technical advantage over others in the Fortune Academy community or otherwise decrease resource availability is explicitly forbidden.

The school may choose to set limits on an individual's use of resources to ensure that these resources can be used by anyone who needs them. 


Adherence to Federal, State, and Local Laws

As a user of Fortune Academy technology resources you must:

    •    Abide by all local ordinances, state, and federal laws.

    •    Abide by all applicable copyright laws and licenses. Fortune Academy has entered into legal agreements or contracts for many of our software and network resources which require each individual using them to comply with those agreements.

    •    Observe the copyright law as it applies to music, videos, games, images, texts and other media in both personal use and in production of electronic information. The ease with which electronic materials can be copied, modified and sent over the Internet makes electronic materials extremely vulnerable to unauthorized access, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement.


Privacy and Personal Rights

Fortune Academy reserves the right to access and review all information and content transmitted on its network or on school grounds. Typical review and access  includes, but is not limited to: investigating performance deviations and system problems (with reasonable cause), determining if an individual is in violation of this policy, or, as may be necessary, to ensure that Fortune Academy is not subject to claims of misconduct. All users of Fortune Academy computing resources should have no expectation that any information contained on such systems is confidential or private.


Monitoring & Internet Access

Fortune Academy provides its users the privilege of access to the internet, including web sites, resources, content, and online tools via the Fortune Academy network. Access to the Internet will be restricted as required to comply with CIPA regulations and school policies. Activity over the network may be monitored as needed. Activity on all computers of Fortune Academy faculty, staff, and students can also be monitored or remotely accessed as needed. Access to internet content and use of specific applications will be filtered at the discretion of the Headmaster, Director of Educational Technology, and other building administrators.


General Security

Users are expected to take reasonable safeguards against the transmission of security threats over the school network. This includes not opening or distributing infected files or programs and not opening files or programs of unknown or untrusted origin. Users are also expected to take precautions to secure their personal or school devices as well as data and programs installed on those devices. Do not leave your computer's unlocked and unattended.



Passwords are an essential part of our information systems security. Passwords are the target of hackers and criminals who would use our passwords to penetrate our computer systems so as to steal personal information, damage computer systems, or use Fortune Academy resources for criminal activity. The impact of an attack to our computer systems has the potential to be far reaching and the damage is not easy to undo.

Thus it is critical that we engage in the best practices for protecting our passwords so that they remain secret at all times. Anything that you can do in our computer systems is open to the person who has obtained your password. Anything that they do using your password will appear in the system as though you performed the action and implicating you in their criminal action.


Password Policy:

    1.    Users are required to change their passwords according to the following schedule and will receive notifications to do so beginning 15 days prior to password expiration. Time intervals are based on the date of the last password change.

    2.    Password Expiration intervals:

    1.    Faculty & Staff - 120 Days (once every 4 months)

    2.    Students - 180 Days (once every 6 months)

    3.    Passwords should meet the following guidelines.

    1.    minimum of 8 characters (longer is better)

    2.    minimum of one UPPERCASE letter

    3.    minimum of one number (1,2,3…)

    4.    minimum of one special character (!@#$%^&*)



Fortune Academy provides students with the privilege of email accounts for the purpose of school-related communication. Availability and use may be restricted based on school policies. These account(s) should be used with care. Users should not send personal information; should not attempt to open files or follow links from unknown or untrusted origins; should use appropriate language; and should only communicate with other people as allowed by the school. Users are expected to communicate with the same appropriate, safe, mindful, courteous conduct online as offline. Email usage is archived and may be monitored.


Personal Safety

Users should never share personal information, including phone number, address, social security number, birthday, or financial information, over the Internet without adult permission. Users should recognize that communicating over the Internet brings anonymity and associated risks, and should carefully safeguard the personal information of themselves and others. Users should never agree to meet in real life someone they meet online without parental permission. If you see a message, comment, image, or anything else online that makes you concerned for your personal safety, bring it to the attention of an adult (teacher or staff if you’re at school; parent if you’re using the device at home) immediately.


Third Party Platforms

Recognizing the benefits collaboration brings to education, Fortune Academy provides users with access to web sites or tools via Google Apps that allow communication, collaboration, sharing, and messaging among users. Users are expected to communicate with the same appropriate, safe, mindful, courteous conduct online as offline. Posts, chats, sharing, and messaging may be monitored.


Google Apps for Education

Anyone in the Fortune Academy community utilizing Google Apps for Education services must acknowledge the following:

    •    Agree and adhere to the Google Terms of Service that will be presented for review when creating your account.

    •    That Google can terminate their account if they fail to abide by the Google Terms of Service.

    •    That they have been made aware of the Google Acceptable Use Policy which states that you agree not to use the Google services provided you:

    ◦    to generate or facilitate unsolicited bulk commercial email;

    ◦    to violate, or encourage the violation of, the legal rights of others;

    ◦    for any unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory, or fraudulent purpose;

    ◦    to intentionally distribute viruses, worms, Trojan horses, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature;

    ◦    to interfere with the use of the Services, or the equipment used to provide the Services, by customers, authorized resellers, or other authorized users;

    ◦    to alter, disable, interfere with or circumvent any aspect of the Services;

    ◦    to test or reverse-engineer the Services in order to find limitations, vulnerabilities or evade filtering capabilities; to use the Services, or a component of the Services, in a manner not authorized by Google.