Your contribution can make all the difference in the lives of our students. We have worked hard to seek partnerships and find ways to fund ourselves through contributions in an effort to reach as many students as we possibly can. Your donation matters. 



Families come to us from all over the country all wanting the same thing: to simply give their child an education they deserve and the opportunity to succeed. For our students, getting the right education can make all the difference. Our students thrive in our intentionally small classrooms, with outstanding, trained educators who can give personal, diagnostic and prescriptive instruction to individuals and in an environment where students can fully be themselves. However, affording that life-changing education can sometimes be just outside of reach for some families. This is where your giving can make all the difference. 

Donations are imperative to student success.  Most students attending Fortune Academy come to us one to three years behind in one or more subject areas.  These students need not only a safe and nurturing environment but one that is also set up to strategically teach them in a way that makes sense to them. A different approach. As a not-for-profit private school, we do not qualify for Federal or State funding. We must rely on tuition fees, donations, and grant funding to operate our school so these students get what they need to become successful learners.

If one learns differently – it makes sense they should be taught differently. One in every five people are dyslexic, 1 in 30 have ADD/ADHD and statistically over 40% of kids receiving special education services in public schools across the country are because of a language based learning difference. By supporting Fortune Academy you support the approach and structure these students need to thrive.  Simply remediating them in the same failed methods does not work.

Donations are required annually to close the gap between tuition fees and the actual cost of educating each student. Fortune also sets aside 15% of the annual budget funds for tuition assistance. 



Fortune Academy is the only AOGPE school in Indiana dedicated specifically to students with learning differences and the only school in Indiana with the National and International credentials from the AOGPE - Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators.  Fortune is also accredited by ISACS and IDA.