Fortune Academy Alumni


"Throughout my time at Fortune my teachers were always caring and supportive, and really gave me the tools to accomplish my academic goals. My personality also blossomed as my confidence grew. Because of The Fortune Academy, I was able to succeed in high school, and eventually go off to college. I am now an accounting major at Valparaiso University, and I am excited about my future. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without the help of Fortune Academy and all of its amazing teachers!"


"If I had to think about the moments in my life that had the biggest impact on my past, present, and future, Fortune Academy has to be in the top 3 and probably number 1 overall. I owe the world to Fortune Academy. Without attending I do not know where I would be today, but I certainly would not be anywhere near as successful in my career and would not be as self sufficient as I am now."




"The teachers and staff at Fortune Academy met me where I was as a learner and a human being. They took the time to understand who I was and how I learned. The greatest gift I received was the gift of confidence, which has followed me through the rest of my life.  In addition, I learned how to be an advocate for myself – how to be successful."


"My teachers were there to support me though out all my hardships, no matter how big or small. I learned how to advocate for myself throughout the years as well. The teachers there have a loving passion for their students and are eager to do everything in their power to make all students successful. They are the ones that make it all happen and help students understand subjects to the fullest."




"Fortune Academy gave me the tools I needed to succeed in life. They made me feel like even though other schools didn't work for me that it wasn't time to give up. All of the teachers and staff at Fortune Academy were always there to help and show me that I was able to be successful in life. I can never thank everybody there enough for changing my life."


"The biggest impact that Fortune Academy taught me in and out of school and how to advocate for myself. The teachers at Fortune are some of the most passionate and loving teachers I have ever had. They understood that I learned differently and taught me in a way that made sense to me. They all truly love their jobs and every single one of them had made an impact on my life."

- Monica Penny



"I feel that the teachers there are more than 100% dedicated to the students and it really shows. There is no better feeling as a student than knowing that the instructor genuinely cares about how well you are doing. I will forever be grateful to Fortune Academy for the work they have done in shaping who I am today."



"Fortune Academy taught me more than just reading. They taught me how to cope with my learning difference, and view my dyslexia as a blessing. Because of Fortune Academy, I have also learned to advocate for myself.  I never realized how much Fortune Academy would affect my life in a positive manner until I went out on my own."